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Technical Reports

RL-10181/05Generation of the Subsurface Geothermal Climate Signal by Land Surface Processes in the North American Mid-ContinentEngland, Pollack
RL-101711/07Evaluation of DIELCOM: Numerical Solution of the Rayleigh Approximation to a Dielectric Body of RevolutionDe Roo
RL-101611/07A Model-Based Microwave Brightness Algorithm for Estimating Snow WetnessEngland
RL-10157/06The Subsurface Geothermal Climate Signal in the Context of LSP/Radiobrightness Model-Based Estimates of Land-Atmosphere Energy and Moisture Fluxes for Regions of the Circumpolar ArcticEngland, Pollack
RL-10146/06Active Layer Thickness and Moisture Content of Arctic Tundra From SVAT/Radiobrightness Models and Assimilated 1.4 or 6.9 GHz BrightnessEngland, De Roo
RL-10146/06Active Layer Thickness and Moisture Content of Arctic Tundra From SVAT/Radiobrightness Models and Assimilated 1.4 or 6.9 GHz BrightnessEngland, De Roo
RL-10131/06Electromagnetic Characteristics of a Pendular Ring of Water as Found in a Moist Snow PackWeininger, England, De Roo
RL-10124/03Construction of a High-PRF Pulsed Ku-Band Radar for Measurements of Sea SlopesSarabandi, Hartz, Kothner
RL-10111/05Preparation for Radiometric Measurements of Snow Covered Terrain at the Fraser Forest Site of CLPXDe Roo, England
RL-101012/02Monitoring and Forecasting Attributes of Land Surface Hydrology That Are Relevant for Characterizing a Potential BattlefieldEngland, De Roo
RL-10092002Design and Analysis of RFIC Subharmonic Double Balanced Mixers for Direct Conversion ApplicationsNimmagadda
RL-10089/02A Critical Study of the Circuit Relations of Two Distant AntennasTai
RL-10075/01FEBI Users and Theory ManualSyed, Volakis
RL-10066/02Design of an Ultra-Fast Wide-Band MMW Polarimetric Instrumentation RadarNashashibi, Sarabandi, Frantzis, De Roo, Ulaby
RL-10055/03 Polarimetric Ground Microwave Measurements of Snow-Covered Terrain at L-Band and Ku-Band in Support of the NASA Cold Land Processes Mission (EX-7)Saint-Martin, Sarabandi 
RL-10049/01Antenna Simulations on Ships for AMRFS ApplicationsTopsakal, Kindt, Sertel, Volakis
RL-100310/01AMFIA V1.0 User�s ManualTopsakal, Volakis
RL-1002 One-Dimensional Backward Scattering TheoremTai
RL-10011/02 Backward Scattering Theorem Applying to a Perfectly Conducting SphereTai
RL-100011/01The Backward Scattering Theorem for Perfectly Conducting ObstaclesTai
RL-9999/01A Scattering Theory of Receiving AntennasTai
RL-998 7/10/01 Generation of the Subsurface Geothermal Climate Signal by Land Surface Processes in the North American Mid-ContinentLin, Smerdon, Pollack, England 
RL-997 3/14/01 Development and Test of a 1.4 GHz Direct-Sampling Digital Radiometer for STAR and Fully Polarimetric RadiometryFischman, England 
RL-9969/98Digital Topography From SAR Interferometry: Determination of and Correction for Vegetation HeightSarabandi
RL-995Sep-99THESIS, Land Surface Process and Radio Brightness Modeling of the Great PlainsJudge  
RL-994 Aug-99 THESIS, Mobile Digital Communications Using Phase Conjugating ArraysDiDomenico  
RL-993Nov-99Numerical Methods in ElectromagneticsVolakis
RL-992 Oct-99 THESIS, Multi-Resolution Methods for Simulation and Design of AntennasAndersen 
RL-991Aug-99THESIS, Distributed MEMS Transmission LinesBarker 
RL-990Oct-99Development and Test of a 1.4 GHz Direct-Sampling Digital Radiometer for STAR and Fully Polarimetric RadiometryFischman, England
RL-989 Sep-99 A Modification of an Old Chinese Musical Scale and Its Comparison with Chu�s Equal Tempered ScaleTai 
RL-988 Jun-99 Multi-Frequency, Multi-Polarization External Calibration of SIR-C/XSARSarabandi  
RL-9851988  Discontinuity Characterization in Shielded Microstrip: A Theoretical and Experimental Study  Dunleavy 
RL-9841989 A General Polarimetric Calibration Technique Whitt, Ulaby 
RL-9831989 Derivation and Application of a Class of Generalized Boundary Conditions – II Volakis, Senior, Jin 
RL-9821989 Scattering from Variable Resistive and Impedance Sheets Sarabandi 
RL-9811989 Millimeter Wave Scattering Model for a Leaf Sarabandi, Ulaby, Senior 
RL-977 1999 Design and Evaluation of an 18� Cavity Backed Slot Spiral for UHF to L band OperationNurnberger, Volakis 
RL-9761999Users Manual for FMM-SWITCHSertel, Volakis
RL-9751999Fast Hybrid PO-MM Analysis of Large Axi-Symmetric RadomesShen, Abdelmoneum, Volakis
RL-974 1999 Field Data Report for the Fourth Radiobrightness Energy Balance Experiment (REBEX-4)Judge, England 
RL-9731999THESIS: MMIC Passive and Active StructuresPapapolymerou 
RL-972  1999  THESIS: Remote Sensing of Land Surface Conditions in Arctic Tundra Regions for Climatological Applications Using Microwave RadiometryKim   
RL-9711999THESIS: Time Domain Characterization of Microwave CircuitsGoverdhanam
RL-970 1999 THESIS: Silicon-Based Micromachined Packaging Techniques for High Frequency ApplicationsHenderson 
RL-969 1998 Acoustic Scattering From Elastic Circular Cylinders: A Directed StudyShumpert 
RL-968 1998 Micro-Meteorological Theory and Instrumentation for Land Surface Process Modeling 
RL-967 1992 THESIS: Design and Analysis of a Four-Wire Antenna for Anechoic Chamber IlluminationCheon 
RL-966  1991  THESIS: Microwave Scattering from Periodic Row-Structured VegetationWitt   
RL-965 1998 THESIS: Millimeter-Wave Polarimetric Radar System as an Advanced Vehicle Control and Warning SensorLi 
RL-964 1998 Field Data Report for the Fifth Radiobrightness Energy Balance Experiment (REBEX-5)Judge, England, Hornbuckle, Boprie, O�Kray, Kim
RL-963  1998  THESIS: Optimal Phased Array Pattern Synthesis for Non-Invasive Cancer Ablation of Liver Tumors Using High Intensity Focused UltrasoundBotros  
RL-962 1998 THESIS: Time-Domain Numerical Techniques for the Analysis and Design of Microwave CircuitsTentzeris 
RL-961 1998 THESIS: Electromagnetic Scattering From Rough Surfaces Covered with Short Branching VegetationChiu 
RL-9601998TDR to EASE-Grid Conversion Process DocumentationO�Kray
RL-959 1998 THESIS: Theoretical Modeling of MMIC�s Using Wavelets, Parallel Computing and a Hybrid MOM/FEM TechniqueCheng 
RL-958Mar-98THESIS: Finite Element Analysis of Conformal AntennasOzdemir
RL-956  Dec-96  Quarterly Report: Power Cube First Design MeetingREPORT NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION. RL NUMBER ASSIGNED FOR REFERENCE ONLYKatehi  
RL-954 Oct-97 THESIS, A Fractal-Based Coherent Scattering and Propagation Model for Forest CanopiesLin  
RL-953 Oct-97 Microwave and Millimeter-wave Propagation in Photonic Band-Gap StructuresShumpert, Ellis, Rebeiz, Katehi 
RL-952 1997 THESIS, Fast Memory-Saving Hybrid Algorithms for Electromagnetic Scattering and RadiationBindiganavale 
RL-951 May-97 THESIS, Electromagnetic Scattering From Jet Engine Inlets Using Analytical and Fast Integral Equation MethodsAnastassiu 
RL-950  X-Band Near-Field Measurement SystemLin 
RL-949 Mar-97 Investigation of the Tower Mounted Radiometer System and Proposed Improvements (EECS Directed Research Report)Fischman 
RL-948Dec-96THESIS, Time-Frequency Analysis in Radar Backscatter McCormack
RL-947Jan-97THESIS, Micromachined W-Band CircuitsRobertson
RL-946 Jan-97 Scattering Solutions for Slightly Rough Surfaces with Inhomogenous Dielectric ProfilesChiu 
RL-945 30-Jul-97 GPS Measurement for CIR-C/X-SAR and TOPSAR ForestTest Stands at Raco, Michigan SiteKobayashi, Sarabandi, Dobson, Pierce, Yun
RL-944 1996 THESIS, Electromagnetic Modeling of High-Speed High-Frequency InterconnectsYook 
RL-943 1987 THESIS, Spectral Domain Analysis of Microstrip Patch Antenna Currents and RadiationWillis 
RL-942 1996 THESIS, Robust Development of Hybrid Finite Element Methods for Antenna and Microwave CircuitGong 
RL-941 1996 THESIS, Wave Propagation and Scattering in Dense Random MediaSiqueira 
RL-940 1996 THESIS, Land Surface Process/Radio Brightness Models for Northern PrairieLiou 
RL-939 1991 Spatial and Spectral Analyses of Remotely Sensed Images Using Scale-Space Techniques Zuerndorfer 
RL-9381996An Introduction to MULTICALPacheco
RL-937 1995 THESIS, Analysis and Design of Dielectric-Lens Antennas and Planar Multiplier Circuits for Millimeter Wave ApplicationsFilipovic 
RL-9361989THESIS, Electromagnetic Scattering From Vegetation CanopiesSarabandi
RL-935 Mar-96 THESIS, Hybrid Finite Element Modal Analysis for Jet Engine Inlet ScatteringRoss 
RL-934Mar-96Computation of Switching Noise in Printed Circuit BoardsYook
RL-933 Jan-96 THESIS, Theory and Measurement of Bistatic Scattering of X-Band Microwaves From Rough Dielectric SurfacesDe Roo 
RL-932 1996 THESIS, Coherent Polarimetric Microwave Scattering Model for Grassland Structures and CanopiesStiles 
RL-931  Sep-95  THESIS, Development and Characterization of Self-Packages Using Micromachining Technologies for High Frequency Circuit ApplicationDrayton  
RL-930Dec-95Circular Cylindrical Abrasing TerminationsSenior
RL-9291995Matched Planar Surfaces and LayersSenior
RL-928 1995 THESIS, Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Propagations and Scattering in Dense Random Media Modeling and ExperimentsNashashibi 
RL-927 Sep-95 THESIS, Microwave Remote Sensing of Snow: An Empirical Theoretical Scattering Model for Dense MediaKendra 
RL-926 Sep-95 THESIS, Microwave Radiometry of Snow-Covered Grasslands for Estimation of Land-Atmosphere Energy and Moisture FluxesGalantowicz 
RL-925 Aug-95 THESIS, Planar Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Components Using Micromachining TechnologiesChi 
RL-924Mar-95Handbook of Millimeter Wave Polarimetric RadarUlaby
RL-9231994THESIS, Electromagnetic Wave Scattering by Power-Law SurfacesAustin
RL-9221993THESIS, Millimeter and Sub-Millimeter Wave Integrated Horn Antenna Schottky ReceiversAli-Ahmad
RL-921Jul-95THESIS, Microwave Circuit Electric Field Imaging SystemsBudka
RL-920 Jul-95 THESIS, Micromachined High Frequency Transmission Lines on Thin Dieelectric MembranesWeller 
RL-919 Jul-95 THESIS, Novel Efficient Integral-Based Techniques for Characterization of Planar Microwave StructuresSabetfakhri 
RL-918Sep-94Radiobrightness Energy Balance Experiment – 3Kim
RL-917Jul-93Radiobrightness Energy Balance Experiment – 2Kim
RL-916Aug-92Radiobrightness Energy Balance Experiment – 0Kim
RL-915May-95A Historical Study of Vector AnalysisTai
RL-914 Apr-95 THESIS, Far-Infrared Spectroscopy of CO2 Clathrate Hydrate with Applications to the Martian Northern Polar RegionLandry 
RL-913  Feb-95  Field Data Report for the First Radiobrightness Energy Balance Experiment (REBEX-1) October ’92 – April ’93, Sioux Falls, South DakotaGalantowicz  
RL-912 Feb-95 Simultaneous Switching Noise in Printed Circuit Boards – Electromagnetic Modeling/SimulationYook, Chandramouli, Katehi, Sakallah 
RL-911 Dec-94 GIBCs for Homogeneous Dielectric Bodies��� �Senior 
RL-910Nov-94Vector Green Functions Versus Dyadic Green FunctionTai
RL-909Nov-94Survey of Improper Uses of Delta in Vector AnalysisTai 
RL-907 1994 THESIS, Scattering and Radiation From Cylindrically Conformal Antennas��Kempel 
RL-906 Apr-94 THESIS, Investigation of Finite Element – ABC Methods for Electromagnetic Field SimulationChatterjee  
RL-905  Apr-94   THESIS, Subharmonic Mixing Antenna for Millimeter-Wave Receivers and Oscillating Slot Antennas for Quasi-Optical Power CombiningKormanyos   
RL-903 Jan-94 Double Slot Antennas on Extended Silicon Lenses: General TreatmentEleftheriades, Rebeiz 
RL-902  Nov-93 Vertical Distribution of Biomass and Moisture in a Prairie Grass CanopyDahl, Judge, Gallo, England 
RL-901 Nov-93New Insights into Hertz�s Theory of ElectromagnetismTai, Bryant
RL-900 Jul-93THESIS, An Integrated 94 GHz Monopulse Tracking ReceiverLing
RL-899  Sep-93 Modeling and Inversion of the Radar Response of Vegetation Canopies Polatin 
RL-898 Sep-93Simultaneous Switching Noise in Printed Circuit BoardsKatehi, Sakallah
RL-897�Aug-93 Manual of the FEM-ATS Code Used for Computing Three-Dimensional Scattering (Preliminary) Chatterjee, Volakis, Nurnberger 
RL-896 Jun-93A Digest of Hertz�s ElectromagnetismTai, Bryant
RL-895  May-93 Computer Program for the Evaluation of the Propagation Characteristics of Lossy Microstrip LinesVanDeventer, Katehi 
RL-894  Jan-93 THESIS, Full-Wave Characterization of High-Frequency Non-Planar InterconnectsEngel  
RL-893 Mar-93Uniqueness criteria for GIBCs of odd and even ordersSenior
RL-892 Mar-93Diffraction by half plane junctions Senior
RL-891  Mar-93 Generalized boundary and transition conditions and the uniqueness of solution Senior 
RL-890  Jan-93 THESIS, Analysis and Design of Integrated Circuit Horn Antennas for Millimeter and Submillimeter-Wave ApplicationsEleftheriades 
RL-889  Jun-91 THESIS, High Frequency Characterization of Open Microstrip DiscontinuitiesHarokopus 
RL-888  Jun-92 THESIS, Characterization of Two-Dimensional High Frequency Microstrip and Dielectric InterconnectsVan Deventer 
RL-887  Nov-92 Electromagnetic Characterization of the Basal Plane Region in Sea IceNatzke, Senior 
RL-886  Nov-92 Theoretical Characterization of Coplanar Waveguide Transmission Lines and DiscontinuitiesDib, Katehi 
RL-885 Jul-92Babil (A Computer Program) Katehi, Krauss
RL-884 Sep-92Waveguide: A Program for Equivalent Circuit Representation of Two-Dimensional Rectangular Waveguide DiscontinuitiesHerrick
RL-883 Jul-92Statistics of Terrain Emission at 35 and 94 GHZUlaby, Austin
RL-882  Jun-92 Technical Report on a Visit to The Radiation Laboratory at the University of MichiganRexberg 
RL-881 May-92Micromachine WaveguidesKim
RL-880 Jun-90Diffraction by a Material JunctionSenior
RL-879 Feb-92Evolution of… Fang
RL-878  Apr-90 Propagation of Electromagnetic Pulses Through Planar Stratified Media: A Finite Difference ApproachBarkeshli 
RL-877  Aug-91 THESIS, Full-Wave Analysis of Microstrip Slot Antennas and CouplersVandenBerg, Katehi 
RL-876 Mar-91Microwave Image Processing LabPierce
RL-875  Jan-90 Microwave Test Fixture Characterization De-Embedding Techniques ManualFranklin 
RL-871  Sep-91 Complementary Reciprocity Theorems for Two-Port Networks and Transmission LinesTai 
RL-870 Mar-90Self-Impedance of a Cavity Backed Slot Excited by a StriplineVandenBerg, Katehi
RL-869  Sep-91 New Insights into Hertz�s theory of Electromagnetics: Complementary Reciprocity Theorems in Electromagnetic TheoryTai, Bryant 
RL-868  Oct-89 THESIS, Finite Element–Boundary Element Methods for Electromagnetic ScatteringJin, Liepa, Volakis 
RL-867  1988 Discontinuity Characterization in Shielded Microstrip: A Theoretical and Experimental StudyDunleavy 
RL-867a Jul-91Polarimetric Measurement of Powerline CablesSarabandi
RL-866  May-91 A Unified Approach to Integral Formulations for Electromagnetic ScatteringJin, Volakis 
RL-865  Apr-89 Characterization of Waveguide Longitudinal Slots Covered by a Dielectric LayerKatehi 
RL-865a Mar-91Microwave Image Processing LabPierce
RL-864   Apr-89  Theoretical Development and Numerical Implementation of a Domain-Boundary Integral Equation for Two-Dimensional Electromagnetic ScatteringJin, Liepa  
RL-864a Mar-91 Microwave Test Fixture Characterization De-embedding Techniques ManualFranklin 
RL-863a Mar-89Scattering From Variable Resistive and Impedance SheetsSarabandi
RL-863 Jan-91Uniform Asymptotic ExpansionsSenior
RL-862  Mar-89 Derivation and Application of a Class of Generalized Boundary Conditions — IIVolakis, Jin, Senior 
RL-862a Jun-90Approximate Boundary Conditions, Part IISenior
RL-861aFeb-89A General Polarimetric Calibration TechniqueWhitt, Ulaby
RL-861 Jun-90Approximate Boundary Conditions, Part ISenior
RL-860 Dec-90Another Matter of HistoryTai
RL-859  Dec-90 Differential Operators in Vector Analysis and the Laplacian of a Vector in the Curvilinear Orthogonal SystemTai 
RL-858   Jan-89  A Method for Evaluating Mutual Coupling Between Dielectric Covered Slots Fed by a Boxed Stripline and Its Implementation into an Array Design ProcedureKatehi  
RL-857   Dec-88  Simple Integral Equations for Two-Dimensional Scattering with Further Reduction in Unknowns and Scattering Code User�s ManualRicoy, Kempel, Milberg, Volakis  
RL-856  Jan-88 A Review of MSC/Magnetic for Use in Electromagnetics TeachingCraig, Volakis 
RL-855�Sep-87 Alternate Method for Deriving Green�s Functions in Layered RegionsLivernois 
RL-854 Sep-85A Bandwidth Enhancement Method for Microstrip AntennasKatehi
RL-853 Mar-88Skew Incidence on a Dielectric Half-PlaneSenior
RL-852  Mar-88 Dyadic Green�s Function of a Coaxial Waveguide Filled with a Moving MediumJin, Tai 
RL-851  Feb-88 Synthesis of Resistive Tapers to Control Scattering Patterns of StripsHaupt, Liepa 
RL-850  Dec-87 Experimental Measurement of the Scattering Patterns of Resistive SheetsHaupt, Liepa 
RL-849 Dec-87Resistive Tapers that Place Nulls in the Scattering Patterns of StripsHaupt, Liepa
RL-848 Dec-87Effect of Curvature on the Backscattering from LeavesSarabandi, Ulaby, Senior
RL-847 Aug-87Computer Modeling of Microstrip Elements and DiscontinuitiesHarokopus, Katehi
RL-846�Aug-87 Preliminary Results for Study of Theoretical and Experimental Characterization of Discontinuities in Shielded MicrostripDunleavy, Katehi 
RL-845  Jul-87 Applicability of Physical Optics Thin Plate Scattering Formulas for Remote SensingWillis, Weil, Levine 
RL-844 Jul-87Effect of Curvature on the Backscattering from LeavesSarabandi, Senior
RL-843 Jun-87On a Numerical Wiener-Hopf Factorization TechniqueVolakis
RL-842 Jun-87Dielectric-Covered Cavity-Backed AperturesKatehi
RL-841  Jun-87 The Green�s Function for a Slot on the Ground of a Dielectric SlabKatehi 
RL-840  Jun-87 Some Essential Formulas in Dyadic Analysis and Their ApplicationsTai 
RL-839 Apr-87Radiation Losses in MM-Wave Open Microstrip FiltersKatehi
RL-838 Feb-87Modeling the Backscattering Cross Section of a LeafSenior, Sarabandi
RL-837 Nov-86Diffraction by a Thin Dielectric Half PlainVolakis, Senior
RL-836 Oct-86Sheet Simulation of a Thin Dielectric LayerSenior, Volakis
RL-835 Jul-86High Frequency Scattering by a Resistive StripHerman, Volakis
RL-834 Jun-86Scattering by a Thick Impedance Half PlaneVolakis
RL-833  Apr-86 Effects of Aircraft Interaction on Performance of B-Dot Sensor for Delta-Wing and Cargo-Type AircraftLiepa, Kuhlman, Serano 
RL-832  Apr-86 Numerical Method of Noise Reduction for Frequency Domain SEMWillis, Ksienski 
RL-831 Apr-86The Backscattered Field of a Thin Wire Loop for H PolarizationSenior, Burns
RL-830  Mar-86 Microstrip Filter Design Including Dispersion Effects and Radiation LossesKatehi, Dunleavy 
RL-829  Feb-86 A Generalized Method for the Evaluation of Mutual Coupling in Microstrip Arrays 
RL-828 Feb-86A Uniform Asymptotic Evaluation of IntegralsVolakis, Herman
RL-827 Jun-85Microwave Remote Sensing from SpaceCarver, Elachi
RL-826  Jan-85 Microwave Dielectric Behavior of Wet Soil — Part II: Dielectric Mixing ModelsDobson, Ulaby, Hallikainen, El-Rayes
RL-825  Jan-85 Microwave Dielectric Behavior of Wet Soil — Part I: Empirical Models and Experimental ObservationsHallikainen, El-Rayes, Ulaby, Dobson, Wu
RL-824  Nov-84 A Reexamination of Soil Textual Effects on Microwave Emission and BackscatteringDobson, Kouyate, Ulaby 
RL-823  Nov-84 Measured Microwave Emission and Scattering in Vegetation CanopiesBrunfeldt, Ulaby 
RL-822 (ND)The Dielectric Behavior of Snow in the 3- to 37-GHz RangeUlaby, Hallikainen
RL-821  (ND) Dielectric Measurements of Soils in the 3- to 37-GHz Band between -50˚ C and 23˚ CUlaby, Hallikainen, Dobson, El-Rays 
RL-820  (ND) The Effect of Row Direction on the Microwave Emission from Vegetation CanopiesBrunfeldt, Ulaby 
RL-819  (ND) Modeling the Polarization Dependence of the Attenuation in Vegetation CanopiesAllen, Ulaby 
RL-818 Jan-86The Backscattered Field of a Thin Wire Loop for E PolarizationBurns, Senior
RL-817 Jan-86The Backscattered Field of a Thin Wire Loop for H PolarizationBurns, Senior
RL-816 Jun-86Scattering by a Thick Impedance Half PlaneVolakis
RL-815  May-86 The Validity of Approximating Currents on a Resistive Strip Using Physical OpticsHaupt, Liepa 
RL-814  May-85 Null Synthesis with Phase and Amplitude Controls at the Subarray OutputsHaupt 
RL-813 Sep-85Circular Patch Antennas with Passive Conducting PostsSengupta, Lan
RL-812  Dec-85 Uniform Evaluation of the Surface Wave Diffraction by an Impedance Wedge and Its Application to a StripHerman, Volakis 
RL-811  Jun-86 A Generalized Method for the Evaluation of Mutual Coupling in Microstrip ArraysKatehi 
RL-810  Dec-85 Integral Equations for Permeable Bodies Based on the Method of Equivalent Polarized ElementsTai 
RL-809 Dec-85A Bandwidth Enhancement Method for Microstrip AntennasKatehi, Alexopoulos, Maa
RL-808 Dec-85Diffraction by a Thick Perfectly Conducting Half Plane via the Angular Spectrum Method and GTDVolakis, Ricoy
RL-807  Jan-86 Clustering, Surface Perturbation and Material Effects on Absorption and Scattering by Rayleigh ParticlesWeil 
RL-806  Dec-85 Microstrip Filter Design Including Dispersion Effects and Radiation LossesKatehi, Dunleavy 
RL-805 Aug-85Scattering by an imperfect right angled wedgeSenior, Volakis
RL-804 Oct-85The backscattered field of a thin wire loop for H polarizationSenior, Burns 
RL-803  Sep-85 Surface Roughness, Clustering and Material Effects in Absorption and Scattering by Electrically Small ParticlesWeil 
RL-802 Sep-85Scattering at Skew Incidence by an Imperfect Right-Angled WedgeSenior, Volakis
RL-801 Sep-85Scattering by a Thick Perfectly Conducting Edge and StripVolakis, Ricoy
RL-800 Aug-85Tunable-Circular Patch AntennasLan, Sengupta
RL-799 Jul-85Scattering by Small Thin Dielectric ParticlesKsienski, Senior
RL-798�Jul-85 Solution of a Class of Imperfect Wedge Problems for Skew IncidenceSenior 
RL-797 Jun-85Tunable Circular Patch AntennasLan, Sengupta
RL-796a  May-85 AC-Band Microwave Dielectric Probe for In-Situ Detection of Soil MoistureBarkeshli 
RL-796  Mar-85 Reduction of the Edge Diffraction of a Circular Ground Plane by Using Resistive Edge LoadingWang 
RL-795  Mar-85 An Asymptotic Solution for the Two-Frequency Mutual Coherence Functions of a Random SlabMaa 
RL-794�Apr-85 A Uniform Geometrical Theory of Diffraction for an Imperfectly Conducting Half PlaneVolakis 
RL-793�Mar-85 Frequency-Dependent Characteristics of Microstrip Discontinuities in M.M. Wave Int. CktsKatehi 
RL-792 Jan-85Uniform Diffraction Coefficients for an Impedance Half-PlaneVolakis, Senior
RL-791 Jan-85Microwave Emission from Row CropsBrunfeldt, Ulaby
RL-790 Jan-85Microwave Attenuation Properties of Vegetation CanopiesUlaby, Wilson
RL-789 Jan-85Dielectric Properties of Snow in the 3- to 37-GHz rangeHallikainen, Abdelrazik, Ulaby
RL-788 Sep-85Microwave Remote Sensing from SpaceCarver, Elachi
RL-787�Jun-85 Dielectric Measurements and Modeling of Snow in the 3- to 37-GHz RangeHallikainen, Ulaby, Abdelrazik 
RL-786 Jan-85A Bandwidth Enhancement Method for Microstrip AntennasKatehi, Alexopoulos
RL-785�Jan-85 Simple Expressions for a Function Occurring in Diffraction TheoryVolakis, Senior 
RL-784�Jun-85 Reduction of the Edge Diffraction of a Circular Ground Plane by Using Resistive Edge LoadingWang, Liepa 
RL-783 Jun-85Analysis of Tunable Circular Patch AntennasLan, Sengupta
RL-782 Jun-85Post-Tuned Single-Feed Circularly Polarized Patch AntennasLan, Sengupta
RL-781�Dec-84 Numerical Methods of Noise Reduction for Frequency Domain SEMKsienski, Willis 
RL-780 Dec-84Scattering by Distributions of Small Thin ParticlesKsienski
RL-779  Aug-84 Internal and Near Fields of Small Particles Irradiated in Spectral Absorption BandsSenior, Weil, Willis 
RL-778  Aug-84 Absorption and Scattering by Small Particles: Structure of the Internal and Near FieldsWeil, Senior 
RL-777  Oct-84 Evaluation of Reflected Fields at Caustic Regions Using a Set of H.O. Equivalent Line CurrentsVolakis, Peters 
RL-776 Oct-84Traveling Waves on Their BodiesSenior
RL-775  Oct-84 Electromagnetic Scattering from Appendages on a Smooth SurfaceVolakis, Peters, Burnside 
RL-774 Oct-84Combined Resistive and Conduction SheetsSenior
RL-773 Aug-84Electromagnetic Interference Effects of Wind TurbinesSengupta
RL-772 Jul-84Traveling Waves on Their BodiesSenior, Yang
RL-771  Jun-84 Abstract: Integral Equations for the Scattering of a Plane Wave by an Electrically and Magnetically Permeable BodyTai 
RL-770  May-84 A Method of Resolving Data into Two Maximally Smooth ComponentsKsienski 
RL-769 May-84Resonant Frequency of a Tunable Rectangular Patch AntennaSengupta
RL-768  May-84 The Transmission Line Model Analysis of Rectangular Patch AntennasSengupta 
RL-767  Dec-83 Study of Electromagnetic Scattering by Half Sheet With Cylindrical TipKimura 
RL-766  Apr-84 Pole and Residue Extraction from Measured Data in the Frequency Domain Using Multiple Data SetsKsienski 
RL-765 Feb-84The IEEE Antenna and Propagation Society From �49 Through �82Hiatt
RL-764  Jan-84 Experimental Determination of Optimum Sensor Location on Aircraft for Transient Electromagnetic MeasurementsLiepa, Pennock 
RL-763 Jan-84Transmission and Reflection Properties of a Random MediumChu, Maa
RL-762 Jan-84Analysis of Tunable Rectangular Patch AntennasSengupta
RL-761  Jan-84 Boundary Condition in EM Theory and some Theorems Involving Moving Column Surface and ContourTai 
RL-760 Dec-83Backscattering from Tapered Resistive StripsSenior, Liepa
RL-759  Oct-83 Pole and Residue Extraction from Measured Data in the Frequency Domain Using Multiple Data SetsKsienski 
RL-758 Sep-83Structure of Surface Polariton Modes in and Near Small ParticlesWeil, Senior
RL-757 Sep-83Structure of Polariton ModesWeil, Senior
RL-756 Sep-83Scattering by a Small Resistive PlateSenior
RL-755  Sep-83 Nonuniform Transmission Lens Model for Circular Microstrip AntennaLan, Sengupta 
RL-754 Sep-83Low Frequency Scattering by a Resistive PlateSenior,Naor
RL-753 Sep-83Low Frequency Scattering by a Metallic PlateSenior
RL-752 Sep-83Determination of a Vector Potential 
RL-751  Aug-83 An Approximate Expression for the Resonant Frequency of a Rectangular Patch AntennaSengupta 
RL-750 Jul-83Several Problems Involving Moving Isotropic MediumTai
RL-749  Jul-83 Electromagnetic Scattering Parameters for Large Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine BladesSengupta 
RL-748 Jun-83Receiving AntennaTai
RL-747  May-83 Measurements of Interference to Television Reception Near Large Horizontal Axis Wind TurbinesSengupta, Senior, Ferris 
RL-746 May-83Monopole Excitation of Dielectric Tube AntennasDong, Sengupta
RL-745 May-83A Class of Broadband Patch Microstrip Traveling Wave AntennasDong, Sengupta
RL-744 Feb-83A Note on the Extinction EfficiencySenior
RL-743 Jan-83Dipoles and MonopolesTai
RL-742 Jan-83Surface wave MechanismLiepa
RL-741 Dec-82A Study of Spherical Cap AntennasKimura
RL-740  Dec-82 Abstract: Cerenkov Phenomenon Viewed as an Electrostatic Problem in a Moving MediumTai 
RL-739 Dec-82The Transmission Line Model for Rectangular Patch AntennasSengupta
RL-738 Dec-82Experimental Scale Model Study of Loran-C Signals Near BridgesLiepa, Frank
RL-737  Dec-82 Measurement of Interference to Television Reception Caused by an Array of Large Wind TurbinesSengupta, Ferris 
RL-736 Dec-82Surface Polariton ModesSenior
RL-735 Dec-82The Construction of a Vector PotentialSenior
RL-734  Oct-82 Finite Element Solution for Electromagnetic Scattering from Two-Dimensional BodiesMason 
RL-733 Sep-82A Model for Polarization Effects in Remote Probing of CloudsWeil
RL-732 Sep-82The Construction of a Vector PotentialSenior
RL-731 Jun-82When are Spheroids Good Models for Rayleigh ScatteringWeil
RL-730 Sep-82Rayleigh Scattering: Applications and ExtensionsSenior
RL-729  Sep-82 The Application of Coupled Wiener Hopf Integral Equations in Diffraction ProblemsPond 
RL-728 Aug-82Rayleigh ScatteringKleinman, Senior
RL-727 May-82Meander AntennasRashed
RL-726 May-82A New Class of Wire AntennasRashed, Tai
RL-725 Jun-82Dyadic Green�s Functions for a Coaxial LineTai
RL-724  May-82 Wiener-Hopf Method Applied to a Dielectric Cylinder Asymmetrically Excited by a Circular Metallic WaveguideMartins-Camelo 
RL-723 May-82Low Frequency Scattering by Metallic Plates: A CritiqueSenior
RL-722 Apr-82An Environmental Effect of Large Wind TurbinesSenior
RL-721 Apr-82Experimental Investigation of a Class of Broadband Microstrip AntennasDong,Sengupta
RL-720 Apr-82The Evolution of the Radiation LaboratorySenior
RL-719 Apr-82Radiation Laboratory, University of MichiganSenior
RL-718 Mar-82On the Validity of Modeling Rayleigh Scatterers by SpheroidsSenior,Weil
RL-717 Mar-82Where the Wind BlowsSenior
RL-716 Feb-82Backscatter from a Random MediumJedrzejewski
RL-715  Jan-82 Use of Near Field Probing to Diagnose the Poor Performance of Pyramidal-type Absorbing MaterialsLiepa 
RL-714 Jan-82Backscatter from a Random MediumJedrzejewski, Chu
RL-713 May-82A New Class of Wire AntennasRashed, Tai
RL-712�May-82 An Experimental Study of a New Class of Broadband Microstrip AntennasDong, Sengupta 
RL-711 May-82A Parametric Investigation of Dielectric Tube AntennasDong, Sengupta
RL-710 Dec-81Low Frequency Scattering by Metallic Plates: A CritiqueSenior
RL-709 Nov-81Low Frequency Scattering by a Perfectly Conducting BodySenior
RL-708 Nov-81A Digest of Maxwell�s Two Early PapersTai
RL-707  Oct-81 Television Interference and Acoustic Emissions Associated with the Operation of the Darrieus VAWT SERIKelley, Hemphill, Sengupta 
RL-706  Sep-81 Rayleigh Scattering by Dielectric Bodies: Computer Program: DIELCOMSenior, Willis 
RL-705  Sep-81 TV Interference and Acoustic Emissions Associated with the Operation of the Darrieus VAWTSengupta, Kelley  
RL-704 Jan-82Scattering by a Resistive PlateSenior
RL-703 Sep-80Electromagnetic Fields Resulting from Simple AccelerationGiles
RL-702 Sep-81Pole Extraction in the Frequency DomainPond, Senior
RL-701 Sep-81A Miniaturized Resonant AntennaRashed, Tai
RL-700 Sep-81The Representation of Electromagnetic FieldsNaor
RL-699  Aug-81 Measurements of Television Interference Produced by Large Horizontal Axis Wind TurbinesSengupta, Senior 
RL-698 Aug-81Theory of Terminated MonopoleTai
RL-697  Aug-81 Function-Theoretic Techniques for the Electromagnetic Scattering by a Resistive WedgeLaHaie 
RL-696 Aug-81Scattering by Resistive PlatesNaor
RL-695 Jul-81Determination of SEM Poles from Frequency ResponsesPond, Senior
RL-694 Jul-81Low Frequency Scattering by a Resistive PlateSenior, Naor
RL-693  Oct-81 Measurement of TVI Produced by Large Horizontal Axis Wind TurbinesSenior, Sengupta 
RL-692 Jun-81An Environmental Effect of Large Wind TurbinesSenior, Sengupta
RL-691 Jun-81Low Frequency Scattering by a Metal PlateSenior, Naor
RL-690 May-81The Current Induced in a Resistive Half PlaneSenior
RL-690 Jan-81Absorption by a Distribution of Dielectric ParticlesSenior
RL-689  Mar-81 Interference to Television Reception Caused by Large Wind TurbinesSengupta 
RL-688 Mar-81Complex Singularities of the Impedance Functions of AntennasTai
RL-687  Sep-76 Integral Equation Method for Scattering and Absorption of Electromagnetic Radiation by Thin Lossy Dielectric DiscsChu, Weil 
RL-686 Jan-81Scattering Area of a Large Wind Turbine BladeSengupta, Ferris
RL-685 Jan-81Pole Extraction in the Frequency DomainPond, Senior
RL-684  Jan-81 Saturation and Second Order Stokes Effects in Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Spectroscopy (CARS)Weil 
RL-683 Dec-80Absorption by a Distribution of Dielectric ParticlesSenior
RL-682 Sep-80Particle Shapes for Maximizing Low Frequency AbsorptionSenior, Weil
RL-681 Aug-80Approximate Boundary ConditionsSenior
RL-680 Jul-80Analysis of Transients on Transmission LinesMohammadian
RL-679  Jul-80 Some Thoughts on the Present and Future Status of Electromagnetics Research in US UniversitiesSenior 
RL-678  Jul-80 Particle Shapes for Maximizing Low Frequency Absorption(also RL-682)Senior, Weil 
RL-677  Nov-80 Reduction of Scattering from Edges by Using Tapered Resistive SheetsLiepa 
RL-676 Jun-80Scattering and Absorption by Wavelength Size ???Chu, Weil 
RL-675 Jun-80Electric Dyadic Green�s Functions in Source RegionTai
RL-674 Jun-80Scale Model MeasurementsLiepa
RL-673   Jun-80  Equivalent Layers of Surface Charge Current Sheet and Polarization in the Eigenfunction Expansions of Green�s Functions in Electromagnetic TheoryTai  
RL-672 Jun-80A University ConsultantSenior
RL-671 Apr-80Electric Dyadic Green�s Functions in the Source RegionTai
RL-670  Apr-80 Singular Terms in the Eigen Function Expansion of Dyadic Green�s Function of the Electric TypeTai 
RL-669 Mar-80Effect of Particle Shape on Low Frequency AbsorptionSenior
RL-668 1980Television Reception Near the Wind Turbine on Block IslandSengupta, Senior
RL-667 1980Metallic Posts in a Radial WaveguideSengupta, Martins-Camelo
RL-666 1980Windmill Interference to Television ReceptionSengupta, Senior
RL-665 Jan-80Scattering by a Finite Resistive PlateSenior
RL-664 Nov-79The Boundary Limits of Certain Integrals in Scattering TheoryCho,Senior
RL-663 Sep-79The Integral Equation Method in Scattering TheoryCho
RL-662 Oct-79Transients on Lossy Transmission LinesMohammadian, Tai
RL-661 Aug-80Metallic Posts in a Radial Waveguide and Their ApplicationSengupta, Martins-Camelo
RL-660  Sep-79 A Laboratory System for Studying TV Interference Produced by WindmillsSenior, Sengupta 
RL-659 Sep-79Theory of Dielectric-Filled Edge-Slot AntennasSengupta, Martins-Camelo
RL-658 1979Scattering by Impedance StripsSenior
RL-657 Apr-79Scattering by Resistive Strips-AbstractSenior
RL-656 Apr-79Scattering by Resistive StripsSenior
RL-655 Feb-79Edge Currents on Rectangular PlatesLiepa
RL-654  Feb-79 Theory of the Input Behavior of a Dielectric-Filled Edge-Slot AntennaSengupta, Martins-Camelo, Hones, Schaubert
RL-653 Feb-79Wind Turbine Generator Interference to Television ReceptionSengupta, Senior
RL-652 Feb-79Scattering by Resistive StripsSenior
RL-651 (ND)Transients on Lossy Transmission LinesMohammadian, Tai
RL-650 Jan-79Diffraction by a Discontinuity in CurvatureSenior
RL-649  Nov-78 Electromagnetic Interference caused by Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine GeneratorsSengupta, Senior 
RL-648 Nov-78Backscattering from Resistive StripsSenior
RL-647  Oct-78 Electromagnetic Interference to Television Reception Caused by Horizontal Axis WindmillsSengupta, Senior 
RL-646 Nov-78Backscattering from Resistive StripsSenior
RL-645 1978Rayleigh ScatteringSenior
RL-644 Apr-78Semi-Hemi AntennaFerris, Repucci
014438-2-FMar-78Electromagnetic Interference by Wind Turbine GeneratorsSengupta, Senior
RL-643 Feb-78A Network Model for the Biconical AntennaSharpe, Roussi
RL-642  Feb-78 Singularities of the Impedance Function of Thin Cylindrical Antennas Based on a Perturbation MethodTai, Cho 
RL-641  Feb-78 Singularities of input impedance functions of thin biconical antennas and cylindrical antennasTai 
RL-640 Feb-78EC-130 Scale Model EMP Response MeasurementsLiepa
RL-639  Jan-78 Input Reflection Coefficient of a basic Dielectric-Filled Edge-Slot AntennaSengupta, Martins-Camelo, Schaubert
RL-638  Dec-77 Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves by a Slowly Rotating Rectangular Metal PlateLaHaie, Sengupta 
RL-637 (ND)Skew Incidence on a Right-Angled Impedance WedgeSenior
RL-636 Nov-77Transients on Lossless Terminated Transmission LinesTai
RL-635  Mar-77 Effects of Ground Profile on the performance of Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon Systems 
RL-634  Mar-77 On the Vertical Plane Patterns of Air Traffic Radar Beacon System (ATCRBS) AntennasSengupta 
RL-633   Mar-77  Performance of Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon System (ATCRBS) Above a Flat Ground with Variable Dielectric ConstantSengupta  
RL-632  Mar-77 Electromagnetic Scattering and Absorption by Thin Walled Dielectric Cylinders with Application to Ice CrystalsSenior, Weil 
RL-631 Sep-76Panel on AsymptoticsFelson, Bahret
RL-630 Oct-76EM Scattering by columnar sheath ice crystals and other dielectric cylindersSenior,Weil
RL-629 Jun-76Frequency Scattering by Rectangular Dielectric ParticlesHerrick, Senior
RL-628 Jun-76Some Problems Involving Imperfect Half PlanesSenior
RL-627  Jun-76 On the vertical plane patterns of air traffic control radar beacon systemSengupta 
RL-626  May-76 Electrically small antenna with loading materials and with active elementsLyon, Hiatt 
RL-625  Apr-76 Some Extensions of Babinet�s Principles in Electromagnetic TheorySenior 
RL-624 Mar-76The Dipole Moments of a Dielectric CubeHerrick, Senior
RL-623 May-76Low frequency scattering by a dielectric bodySenior
RL-622 1975Review of Radio Science,72-74Buchal
RL-621  Sep-75 Radiation from a Homogeneous Sphere Mounted on a Waveguide ApertureTai  
RL-620 Oct-75Sweep frequency surface field measurement facilityLiepa, Rhine
RL-619  (ND) An approximate formula for calculating the directivity of an antennaTai, Pereira 
RL-618  Oct-75 A theoretical investigation of the Performance of Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon SystemSengupta, Tkalih 
RL-617  (ND) Different representations of Dyadic Green�s functions for a rectangular cavityTai, Rozenfeld 
RL-616  (ND) Comment on �Methods of Edge Waves and GTD.� by PA UxemtsevSenior 
RL-615 Jun-75Diffraction Tensors for Imperfectly Conducting EdgesSenior
RL-614 (ND)Half-Plane Edge DiffractionSenior
RL-613 Apr-75Electromagnetic Field Penetration into a Cylindrical CavitySenior
RL-612 1975Some Extensions of Babinet�s PrincipleSenior
RL-611 1975Low Frequency Scattering by Space ObjectsKleinman, Senior
RL-610 1975The Equivalent Current MethodSenior
RL-609  Jan-75 Alternative Representation of the Dyadic Green�s Function for a Rectangular CavityTai 
RL-608 (ND)Band Antennas for HelicoptersFerris, Ploshir
RL-607  Dec-74 Theoretical and Experimental Study of Arrays of Axial Slots on a Circular CylinderSengupta, Ferris 
RL-606 (ND)Transient EM FieldsSengupta, Tai
RL-605  Nov-74 Theoretical study of the SLS and ISLS mode performance of air traffic control radar beacon systemSengupta, Xatkalik 
RL-604  Jun-74 High-Frequency Electromagnetic Scattering from a Finite Circular CylinderKnott, Uslenghi, Senior 
RL-603 Apr-74High Frequency Diffraction TechniquesKnott, Senior
RL-602   Apr-74  The Electromagnetic Theory of Three-Dimensional Inhomogeneous Lenses and the Dyadic Green�s Functions for Cavities Rozenfeld  
RL-601�Feb-74 The structure of dyadic Green�s functions and their eigenfunction expansionsTai 
RL-600 Jan-74Finite array analysis and predictions of blind spotsHidayet, Lyon
RL-599 Jan-74Electromagnetic field penetration into a spherical cavitySenior, Desjardins
RL-598 Jan-74Far Field CriterionKnott, Senior
RL-597 Jan-74Theory of Scalloping Errors in VOR Bearing IndicationsSengupta
RL-596 Jan-74How Far is Far? Knott, Senior
RL-595  Nov-73 Correction to: Dyadic Green�s Functions for Cylindrical Waveguides with Moving MediaStubenrauch, Tai 
RL-594 Jul-73Eigen-Function Expansion of Dyadic Green�s FunctionsTai
RL-593  (ND) High-frequency electromagnetic scattering from a finite circular cylinderSenior, Knott, Uslenghi 
RL-592  Oct-73 Transient Radiation from a Step Voltage Excited Resistively Loaded Linear AntennaSengupta, Liu 
RL-591�Oct-73 Parallel Plate Transmission Line in Proximity to an Infinitely Long Circular CylinderCho, Chu 
RL-590  Jul-73 Parallel Plate Transmission in Proximity to an Infinitely Long Circular CylinderChu, Cho 
RL-589  Jul-73 Transient Radiation from Resistively Loaded Transmission Lines and Thin Biconical AntennasTai 
RL-588  Jul-73 Transient Radiation from a Step Voltage Excited Resistively Loaded Linear AntennaSengupta, Liu 
RL-587  Jun-73 Transient Radiation from a Linear Antenna with Non-Reflecting Resistive LoadingLiu, Sengupta 
RL-586  May-73 Excitation and Propagation of Waves Between Two Planar InterfacesLiu 
RL-585  May-73 Transient Radiation from Resistively Loaded Transmission Lines and Thin Biconical AntennasFoster 
RL-584�May-73 Some Design Information for the Collision Avoidance Microwave RadarSengupta, Sengupta 
RL-583 May-73The Interaction of Slots in a Finite ArrayHidayet, Lyon
RL-582 Mar-73University of Mississippi LectureSenior
RL-581  May-73 Transient Radiation from a Step Voltage Excited Resistively Loaded Linear AntennaSengupta, Liu 
RL-580 May-73Some Recent Developments in the Application of GTDKnott, Senior
RL-579 Nov-72Experimental Detection of the Edge-Diffraction ConeUslenghi, Senior
RL-578�Dec-72 Electromagnetic Field Representation in inhomogeneous Anisotropic MediaMohsen 
RL-577 Nov-72On the Eigen-Function Expansion of Dyadic Green�s FunctionsTai
RL-576 Nov-72EMP Penetration Through a Hole in a Spherical ShellSenior,� Desjardins
RL-575  Nov-72 Transient Waveforms Radiated by a Resistively Loaded Linear AntennaSengupta, Liu 
RL-574 Nov-72Pulsed Dipole on Earth�s SurfaceLiu
RL-573 Oct-72Static E-Field Within Finite PlatesChu, Cho
RL-572 Oct-72Theory of Receiving AntennasTai
RL-571 Oct-72The Impulse Responses of a Half PlaneMohsen, Senior
RL-570 Sep-72Aperture Excited Dielectric Antennas. WF CroswellChatterjee, Mason, Tai
RL-569  Sep-72 Ground and Flight Test Results for Double Parasitic LoopCounterpoise and Standard VOR AntennasSengupta, Ferris 
RL-568 Sep-72An Implantable Probe for Microwave DosimetryHiatt, Knott
RL-567  Sep-72 Modal Mutual Coupling Effects on the Illumination of a Slot in an Array of SlotsLyon, Girardi 
RL-566  Sep-72 Behavior of the Edge-Currents on a Quarter-Plane at Grazing AngelsLiepa, Loftis 
RL-565�Aug-72 Analytical Investigation of Waveforms Radiated by a Resistively Loaded Linear Antenna Excited by a Gaussian PulseLiu, Sengupta 
RL-564 Aug-72On the Scattering of Waves by Inhomogeneous ObjectsMohsen, Tai
RL-563 Aug-72Aperture Excited Dielectric AntennasCroswell,Tai, Mason
RL-562  Aug-72 The Electromagnetic Radiation from Simple Sources in the Presence of a Homogenous Dielectric SphereMason 
RL-561 Aug-72Equivalent Currents for a Ring DiscontinuityKnott, Senior
RL-560  Aug-72 Wave Propagation Over a Plane Earth Bounded by a Perfectly Conducting PlateLiu 
RL-559 Jul-72Transient Diffraction and ScatteringSenior
RL-558  Jul-72 Analytical investigation of Waveforms radiated by a Resistively Loaded Linear Antenna Excited by a Gaussian PulseSengupta 
RL-557 Jul-72Equivalent Currents for a Ring DiscontinuityKnott, Senior
RL-556 Jul-72Further Studies of Backscattering from a Finite ConeSenior, Uslenghi
RL-555 May-72Ph.D. Thesis Proposed studyHidayet
RL-554 Jun-72The Radiation Condition for Moving MediaStubenrauch
RL-553 Jul-72Computer Program: Rayleigh ScatteringSenior, Ahlgren
RL-552 May-72The Trap-Loaded Cylindrical AntennaSmith
RL-551  Jun-72 Ground and Flight Test Results for a Parasitic LoopCounterpoise VOR AntennaFerris, Sengupta 
RL-550  May-72 The Use of RF Magnetic Probes for the Measurement of Penetration of Microwave Energy in Biological SpecimensKnott, Hiatt 
RL-549  May-72 The Modification of Element Illumination due to Interaction in a Scanned Linear ArrayLyon, Cha, Hidayet 
RL-548  May-72 A Study of Mutual Coupling Reduction in Phased Array Antennas by the use of a Time Sharing TechniqueGirardi, Lyon 
RL-547 May-72The Trap-Loaded Cylindrical AntennaSmith
RL-546 Apr-72Numerical Solution of the Branched Thin Wire AntennaTong
RL-545 May-72Computer Program DescriptionSenior, Ahlgren
RL-544�May-72 Radiation from Sources in the Presence of a Moving Dielectric ColumnStubenrauch 
RL-543 Nov-70Reflectors and LensesSengupta, Hiatt
RL-542 Mar-72Low Frequency ScatteringSenior
RL-541 Mar-72On the Presentation of Maxwell�s TheoryTai
RL-540 Feb-72Rayleigh Scattering Cross SectionsKleinman, Senior
RL-539 Mar-72Theory of Double Parasitic Loop Counterpoise Antenna Radiation PatternsSengupta
RL-538 Feb-72Low Frequency ScatteringSenior
RL-537 Jan-72Characteristics of Resistively Loaded Transmission LinesFoster, Tai
RL-536  Jan-72 Radiation Patterns and Directivity of Small Homogeneous Dielectric Spheres Excited by Simple SourcesMason,� Tai 
RL-535  Jan-72 The Radiation Condition and the Reciprocity Theorem for Fields in Moving MediaTai, Stubenrauch 
RL-534  Jan-72 Waveforms Radiated by continuously Loaded Linear Antennas Excited by Gaussian PulseSengupta, Liu 
RL-533 Dec-71Wave Propagation on Helical AntennasCha
RL-532 Sep-71Equivalent Representation of Lossy Transmission Lines [1]Tai
RL-531 Sep-71Backscattering from a truncated coneUslenghi, Senior
RL-530 Aug-71The Diffraction Matrix for a Discontinuity in CurvatureSenior
RL-529  Jul-71 Comments on �Phase properties of backscattered fields from thin rods�Liepa, Knott 
RL-528 Jul-71Cross Polarization DiagnosticsKnott, Senior
RL-527 Jun-71Electrically tuned small antennas for HF to UHF frequency bandsLyon, Hidayet, Loftis
RL-526  Sep-71 Feed-Forward Compensation for the Electromagnetic Coupling Between Two AntennasLyon, Parker 
RL-525 May-71Kirchhoff Theory: Scalar VectorTai
RL-524 May-71Graphical solution of some simple impedance networksTai
RL-523 May-71Field Theory of Helical AntennasCha
RL-522 Apr-71Diffraction coefficients for a discontinuity in curvatureSenior
RL-521 Mar-71Theory of VOR Antenna Radiation PatternsSengupta
RL-520 Mar-71Plates and EdgesKnott, Liepa, Senior
RL-519 Feb-71Dual Polarized Synthetic Aperture Antenna Sub-ArraysFerris
RL-518 Jan-71The Polarization Characteristics of Scattered FieldsKnott, Senior
RL-517 Jan-71Dipole moments in Rayleigh ScatteringKleinman, Senior
RL-516 Jan-71Dipole Moments in Rayleigh ScatteringKeller, Kleinman, Senior
RL-515  Dec-70 Transient Properties of an Antenna in the Transmit/Receive ModesFoster, Tai 
RL-514  Nov-70 Dyadic Green�s Functions for Cylindrical Waveguides with Moving MediaStubenrauch, Tai 
RL-513 Nov-70On the Wave Propagation Along the HelixCha
RL-512  Oct-70 Eigenfunction Expansion of Dyadic Green�s Functions in Electromagnetic TheoryTai 
RL-511 7-OctProcesses of transient radiation and receptionTai, Foster
RL-510  Sep-70 On the Endfire Condition and Directivity of a Linear Continuous SourceCha 
RL-509 Sep-70High-Frequency Backscattering from a Finite ConeSenior, Uslenghi
RL-508 Sep-70Scattering by a Conducting Sinusoidal SurfaceSenior
RL-507  Aug-70 Comparison Between Keller�s and Ufimtsev�s Theories for the StripSenior, Uslenghi 
RL-506  Aug-70 Analysis and Performance of a Bifilar Antenna with an Outer Layer of FerriteChu, Lyon 
RL-505 Sep-70Analysis and Performance of the Interdigital AntennaParker, Lyon
RL-504  Aug-70 Equivalent Circuits for Tuning Small Antennas with Active ElementsLyon, Khan 
RL-503  Jul-70 Electromagnetic Scattering from a Radially Inhomogeneous SphereUslenghi 
RL-502 May-70Radiation from Sources in the Presence of a Flat EarthHansen, Tai
RL-501  Jun-70 The Radiation Efficiency of a Dipole Antenna Above an Imperfectly Conducting GroundHansen 
RL-500 Jun-70Antennas on Spheroids with a Variable Surface ImpedanceUslenghi, Alexopoulos
RL-499  Jun-70 Electromagnetic Scattering from a Radially Inhomogeneous SphereUslenghi 
RL-498 May-70Low Frequency Resonances for an Inhomogeneous Plasma SphereUslenghi
RL-497 May-70Backscattering from a Finite ConeKnott, Senior
RL-496  May-70 The Nature of the Radiation From a Bifilar Helical Antenna with an Outer Layer of FerriteLyon, Cho 
RL-495  May-70 A Double Parasitic Loop Counterpoise Antenna and Its Application to Aircraft Navigation SystemSengupta, Ferris 
RL-494 May-70Theory of VOR Antenna Radiation PatternSengupta
RL-493 May-70Backscattering from a Thin Metallic DiskMattson
RL-492 Apr-70The Rudimentary Horn AntennaSengupta, Ferris
RL-491  Apr-70 Electromagnetic Plane Wave Scattering by a Perfectly Conducting DiskMattson 
RL-490 Mar-70High-Frequency Backscattering from a Metallic DiskKnott, Senior
RL-489  Mar-70 Dyadic Green�s Functions for Waveguides with a Moving Isotropic MediumStubenrauch, Tai 
RL-488 Feb-70Butler Network Extension to any Number of Antenna PortsHiatt, Foster
RL-487 Feb-70Computation of Surface Currents on Bodies of RevolutionUslenghi
RL-486   Nov-69  An Iterative Method of Solving a System of Linear Equations and its Physical Interpretation from the Point of View of Scattering TheoryTai  
RL-485  Nov-69 Laboratory Method of Measuring the Phase of a Backscatter SignalKnott 
RL-484 Oct-69A Note on the Generalized Luneberg LensesDaniele, Uslenghi, Zich
RL-483 Oct-69Low Frequency Scattering by a Finite ConeSenior
RL-482 Sep-69Transient Responses of AntennasTai
RL-481  Sep-69 Using Coherent Radar Observations to Estimate Target OrientationKnott 
RL-480 Sep-69Some Properties of the Gain of Uniform and Nonuniform ArraysMaffett, Tai
RL-479 Aug-69The Ferrite or Dielectric Tube AntennaChen, Lyon
RL-478 Aug-69Arrays Using Physically Small Slot Antenna ElementsIbrahim, Lyon
RL-477 Aug-69The Interaction of Miniaturized Slot Elements in an Array 
RL-476  Aug-69 A new method for the solution of the equations of thermoelasticity of incompressible solidsUslenghi 
RL-475 Aug-69Investigation of the Rudimentary HornFerris, Ferris
RL-474 Jun-69Estimating Scattering from Man-Made TargetsSenior
RL-473 Jun-69A Survey of Terrain ScatterSenior
RL-472 May-69Antenna Sidelobe and Coupling Reduction by Means of Reactive Loading of the Ground PlaneDigenis
RL-471  May-69 Application of Parasitic Loop Counterpoise Antennas to Aircraft Navigation SystemSengupta 
RL-470  Apr-69 Comparison of Ray Theory with Exact Theory for Scattering by Open WaveguidesBowman 
RL-469 Apr-69Axial Backscattering from an Absorbing Finite ConeBowman
RL-468  Apr-69 Comparison of Ray Theory with Exact Theory for Scattering by an Open WaveguideBowman 
RL-467 Apr-69Scattering by a Spherical Shell with a Circular ApertureChang
RL-466 Mar-69Disc Scattering at Edge-On IncidenceSenior
RL-465 Feb-69High-Frequency Scattering from a Metal-like Dielectric LensUslenghi, Weston
RL-464  Feb-69 Representation of Fields in a Relativistic Plasma by a Surface IntegralWeston 
RL-463 Feb-69Azimuth and Elevation Direction Finder Feasibility — Part IIFerris, Zimmerman, Henry
RL-462 Feb-69Azimuth-Elevation Direction Finder Feasibility — Part IZimmerman, Zimmerman
RL-461  Feb-69 On the Radiation Patterns of Parasitic Loop Counterpoise AntennasSengupta, Ferris 
RL-460 Feb-69Asymptotic Theory of DiffractionLarson
RL-459  Jan-69 High Frequency Backscattering from a Perfectly Conducting Sphere Coated with a Radially Inhomogeneous DielectricAlexopoulos 
RL-458�Jan-69 Radar Cross-Section of Perfectly Conducting Spheres Coated with a Certain Class of Radially Inhomogeneous DielectricsAlexopoulos 
RL-457  Dec-68 A Theorem of Electromagnetic Fields in Spherically Stratified MediaUslenghi 
RL-456  Nov-68 An Analysis of the Behavior of the HE11 Mode Ferrite Tube AntennaChen 
RL-455 Nov-68The Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves by Moving BodiesSoper
RL-454  Oct-68 Electromagnetic Scattering from Certain Radially Inhomogeneous DielectricsAlexopoulos 
RL-453  Nov-68 High Frequency Compensation of a Negative-Impedance ConverterMcMahon 
RL-452 Sep-68Iterative Solutions of Maxwell�s EquationsAsvestas
RL-451  1968 The 3-Dimensional Phased Array: Physical Realizability and Directive PropertiesMottl 
RL-450 Oct-68A Planar Creeping WaveSenior, Liepa
RL-449 Oct-68The Prediction and Control of Electromagnetic ScatteringSenior
RL-448  Sep-68 Electromagnetic and Optical Behavior of Two Classes of Dielectric LensesUslenghi 
RL-447 Sep-68On the generalized Luneburg lensesUslenghi
RL-446  Sep-68 Note on �Oblique Incidence of an Electromagnetic Wave on a Plasma Layer.� Weston 
RL-445 Sep-68The Prediction and Control of Electromagnetic ScatteringSenior
RL-444 Aug-68Electrically Small Antenna TechniquesLyon
RL-443 Aug-68An Investigation of the Parasitic loop Counterpoise AntennaSengupta, Weston
RL-442 Aug-68The Interpretation of Dynamic Radar ReturnsLarson, Cole
RL-441  Aug-68 The Polarization Dependence of Radar Returns from Precessing VehiclesLarson 
RL-440 Aug-68Scattering by Spheroids and DiscsAsvestas, Kleinman
RL-439 Aug-68A Status Report of an Azimuth and Elevation Direction FinderFerris, Zimmerman
RL-438 Aug-68An Analysis of the Behavior of the Ferrite Tube AntennaChen, Lyon
RL-437  Aug-68 Laboratory Simulation of Re-entry Precision During RCS MeasurementsKnott 
RL-436 Jul-68Scattering TheoryKleinman
RL-435  Jul-68 Feasibility of Employing a Parasitic Element with an Alford LoopFerris 
RL-434 Jun-68Network Function Determination from Partial SpecificationsBraun, McMahon
RL-433 Jun-68Laboratory Simulation of Reentry Recession During Radar Cross-Scattering MeasurementsKnott
RL-432 Jun-68A Matrix Associated with Electromagnetic Inverse ScatteringBoerner
RL-431 May-68Network Function Determination from Partial SpecificationBraun
RL-430 May-68An Inverse Scattering Technique for Electromagnetic Bistatic ScatteringWeston,Boerner
RL-429 May-68Properties of the Triangular Lattice ArrayCheng
RL-428  Apr-68 Power Capability of a Ferrite Filled Rectangular Cavity Backed Slot AntennaAlexopoulos, Smith 
RL-427  Apr-68 Broadband Characteristics of Cylindrical Antennas with Exponentially Tapered Capacitive LoadingRao, Ferris, Zimmerman 
RL-426 Mar-68A New VOR Antenna SystemSengupta, Weston
RL-425 Mar-68Rayleigh Scattering by Coated Conducting ObjectsKleinman
RL-424  Mar-68 Use of Parasitic Elements to Control Alford Loop Counterpoise Radiation PatternFerris, Sengupta 
RL-423  Mar-68 Experimental Investigation of a Spherical Phased Array of Circularly Polarized ElementsSengupta, Smith 
RL-422 See RL-436  
RL-421 Jun-68A Special Class of Spherically Inhomogeneous DielectricsUslenghi, Alexopoulos
RL-420 Feb-68Rayleigh Scattering by Coated Conducting ObjectsKleinman
RL-419 Feb-68Electromagnetic Scattering by Moving BodiesRestrick, Restrick
RL-417/418 Feb-68 The Radiation Field of an Alford Loop in the Presence of a Large Parasitic Loop and Above a Finite Ground PlaneWeston, Sengupta 
RL-416 Feb-68Backscattering from a Translucent Current SheetSmith
RL-415 1967Scattering by a TorusPushpamala Laurin
RL-414 1966Conducting Media Electromagnetism in Moving, Conducting MediaRudolph, Kalafus
RL-413  Jan-68 An Experimental Investigation of the Properties of Three-dimensional ArraysMottl, Tai 
RL-412 Jan-68Electromagnetic Scattering by a Moving Conducting SphereRestrick
RL-411�Dec-67 Improvement of System Compatibility Through Coupling ReductionLyon, Digenis, Parker 
RL-410 Dec-67Spectrum Signature PredictionsHenry
RL-409  Dec-67 The Spectral Distribution for a Differential Equation Associated with Infrasonic WavesWeston 
RL-408 Nov-67Modified Dolph-Tchebycheff ArraysRao
RL-407�Oct-67 Excitation of a Relativistic Plasma Half-Space by Normally Incident Electromagnetic WavesBowman, Weston 
RL-406 Oct-67Movable Singularities and QuadratureGoodrich, Stenger
RL-405 Oct-67On the Representations of the Electromagnetic Scattering FieldsAr
RL-404 Aug-67Reduction of coupling between antennas on an Aerospace VehicleLyon, Digenis� Parker
RL-403 Aug-67Role of loading for physically small antenna elementsLyon, Smith, Parker
RL-402 Aug-67Antenna Directivity CalculationsHenry, Ferris
RL-401 Aug-67Electronic Scanning of a Spherical ArrayFerris, Sengupta
RL-400 Aug-67Uniqueness of Impedance ContinuationBraun
RL-399  Aug-67 High Frequency Backscattering from the Inverse-Square-Power Dielectric LensUslenghi 
RL-398 Jul-67The Rayleigh Term in Far Field ScatteringKleinman
RL-397  Jul-67 Mode Uncoupling in Oblique Scattering from Radially Inhomogeneous CylindersUslenghi 
RL-395 Nov-67Comparison of Selected RCS Measuring FacilitiesSmith, Hiatt
RL-394 Jul-67The Plane Wave Presentation and the Inverse Scattering ProblemWeston, Bowman
RL-393 Jul-67Arrays of Non-Resonant SlotsLarson, VanHulsteyn
RL-392�Jun-67 Broadband Characteristics of Cylindrical Antennas with Exponentially Tapered Capacitive LoadingRao, Ferris, Zimmerman 
RL-391  May-67 An Asymptotic Formula for the Confluent Hypergometric FunctionsUslenghi 
RL-390�Mar-67 Oblique Incidence of an Electromagnetics Wave on a Plasma LayerBowman, Weston 
RL-389  Mar-67 Diffraction of a Dipole Field by a Perfectly Conducting Half-PlaneBowman, Senior 
RL-388 Mar-67On the Analyticity of Certain Vector FieldsAr
RL-387 Mar-67On the Electromagnetic Inverse Scattering ProblemWeston, Bowman, Ar
RL-386  Mar-67 Directivity Functions for General Array Configurations of Short and Long DipolesMottl, Tai 
RL-385  Mar-67 Scattering of a Plane Wave by a Moving Perfectly Conducting SphereRestrick, Tai 
RL-384  Feb-67 Oblique Incidence of an Electromagnetic Wave Upon a Plasma LayerBowman, Weston 
RL-383 Feb-67Plasma Physics of Re-entryWeston
RL-382 See RL-358  
RL-381 Feb-67Scattering Control by Impedance LoadingSenior
RL-380 Feb-67Interference Coupling Between Aerospace AntennasLyon
RL-379 Feb-67Wave Propagation in an Inhomogeneous MediumChu
RL-378 Feb-67Boundary Value Problems on Special Theory of RelativityTai
RL-377 Feb-67Axial Back Scattering by a Prolate SpheroidSenior
RL-376�Jan-66 On the Solution Spaces for Certain Equations of the Scattering TheoryAr 
RL-375  Jul-67 Interference Reduction Methods for Antennas on Aerospace VehiclesLyon, Parker 
RL-374 May-67Power Transfer Analysis of Linear Electronic SystemsHenry, DeHart
RL-373 1968The Zeros of Pv1 (cosq) and �/�q Pv1(cosq) 
RL-372 1967The Induced MMF MethodTai
RL-371  May-67 Traveling Waves in Relation to the Surface Fields on a Semi-infinite ConeSenior, Wilcox 
RL-370 Dec-67Scattering from Resonant Slots on a ConePlonus, Goodrich
RL-369  Oct-67 Scattering from a Half-Loop on an Infinite Perfectly Conducting PlanPlonus 
RL-368 Oct-66The Saguaro AntennaTai, Ferris
RL-367  Oct-66 Methods of Reducing Coupling Levels Between Antennas on Aircraft of Aerospace VehiclesLyon, Digenis, Parker 
RL-366 Dec-66Ohm�s Law for Uniformly Moving MediaKalafus, Tai
RL-364 Jun-66On the Measurement of a Bifilar Complementary Helical AntennaWu
RL-363 Dec-66A Broadband Constant Beamwidth High-gain AntennaFerris, Zimmerman
RL-362  Dec-66 Radiation Characteristics of a Spherical Array of Circularly Polarized ElementsSengupta, Smith, Larson
RL-361 Dec-66Pseudo Lobes in the Patterns of Directional Circular ArraysSengupta
RL-360�Jun-66 Asymptotic Theory of Electromagnetic and Acoustic Diffraction by Smooth Convex Surfaces of Non-constant CurvaturesHong 
RL-359 Jun-66Scattering by Radially Inhomogeneous CylindersUslenghi
RL-358   Development and Application of Surface Field Measurement TechniquesKnott 
RL-357 Aug-66Theory of ArraysTai
RL-356 May-66On the Helmholtz Equation for an Acoustically Rigid ScattererAr
RL-355  Jul-67 High Frequency Backscattering from an Absorbing Infinite Strip with Arbitrary Face ImpedancesBowman 
RL-354  Nov-66 The Effect of Curvature on the Reflection Coefficient of Layered AbsorbersBowman, Weston 
RL-353  Mar-67 The Time-dependent Green�s Function for a Moving Isotropic MediumTai 
RL-352 Apr-66Density Matrix Theory of Laser AmplifiersLambropoulos, Hok
RL-351 Sep-66A Modified Fock EquationHong, Weston
RL-350 Jul-66The Scattering of an Electromagnetic Wave by a SpheroidSenior
RL-349  Apr-66 Oblique Incidence of an Electromagnetic Wave on Plasma-Half SpaceWeston 
RL-348  Apr-66 Diffraction of a creeping wave by a discontinuity in the surface impedance of a smooth bodyChristianson 
RL-347 Jan-66Radiation due to a dipole over a semi-infinite moving mediumTai, Pyatt
RL-346 Jan-66The surface field measurement facility at the U of MLiepa
RL-345  Apr-66 Investigation of discontinuity in a plasma using the method of invariant imbedding 
RL-344  Jan-66 The exterior Neumann problem for the 3-dimensional Helmholtz equationAr, Kleinman 
RL-343  Jan-66 On the low frequency acoustical scattering of a plane wave from a soft spindle at a nose-on incidenceAr 
RL-342See RL 349  
RL-341 Dec-65Generalized circuits for magneto ionic mediaChu, LaRue
RL-340  Dec-65 Power interference coupling between antennas on an aerospace vehicleLyon, Harris, Chen 
RL-339 Dec-65Present views on electromagneticsTai
RL-338 Dec-65Scattering by arrays linked by transmission linesTai
RL-337  May-66 Antenna spectrum signature instrumentation and data presentation techniquesFerris, Harris 
RL-336 Dec-65Broadband high gain antenna studiesFerris
RL-335 Dec-65Radiation from a recessed slot in a coated cylinderUslenghi, Einarsson
RL-334  1964 On a Class of Integral Equations and Its Applications to the Theory of Linear AntennasCastellanos 
RL-333  Nov-65 Scattering of short electromagnetic waves by a circular cylinder of warm enclosed plasmaChristiansen 
RL-332�Nov-65 Size reduction of a conical log-spiral antenna by loading with magneto-dielectric materialHong, Rassweiler 
RL-331  Nov-65 The Excitation of Surface Currents on a Plasma-Immersed Cylinder by Incident Electromagnetic and Electrokinetic WavesMiller, Edmund 
RL-330 Nov-65Acoustical Scattering by Spheroids of Small EccentricityUslenghi, Lauren
RL-328 Oct-65Transmitter to antenna power transfer under unmatched conditionDeHart
RL-327 Sep-65Inverse scattering and the prediction of scattered fieldsGoodrich
RL-326 Sep-65Learning electricity through relativityTai
RL-325 Sep-65Transmission of EM waves through a dielectric panelPlonus
RL-324 Aug-65Notes on the diffraction at a cornerRadlow
RL-323  Aug-65 New Existence and uniqueness proofs for the exterior problems of the scalar (reduced wave-equation-I: the Dirichlet ProblemAr 
RL-322 Aug-65Ferrite loading effects on Helical and Spiral antennasLyon, Rassweiler, Chen
RL-321 Aug-65Mutual coupling of slots and horns on a modal basisTai, Simanyi, Harris
RL-320 Jul-65Transmission of plane waves through an anisotropic panelTai
RL-319 Jul-65Recent highlights in diffraction theoryWeston
RL-318 Jul-65An extension of the Fock functionHong
RL-317  Jul-65 The excitation of surface currents by electromagnetic and electrokinetic waves on a plasma immersed cylinderOlte, Millter 
RL-316 Jun-65Notes on Introduction to Antenna TheoryTai
RL-315 Jun-65On a class of integral equationsCastellanos
RL-314 Jun-65An Inversion of the Finite Fourier TransformCastellanos
RL-313 May-65A Solution of LaPlace�s Integral EquationCastellanos
RL-312 May-65Radiation in moving mediaTai
RL-311 May-65Comments on the Lorentz ForceTai
RL-310  Oct-65 Definite and indefinite forms of Maxwell�s equations for moving mediaTai 
RL-309  Apr-65 Application of conformal mapping to scattering and diffraction problemsHong 
RL-308  Apr-65 On Cauchy�s problem for the heat equation with applications to the determination of free boundariesRuehr 
RL-307 Apr-65A surface field measurement facilityKnott, Liepa, Senior
RL-306 Apr-65A comparison between tube-shaped and solid cylinder antennasEinarsson
RL-305 Mar-65Introduction to Radar Cross Section MeasurementsHiatt, Blacksmith
RL-304  Mar-65 Surface current excitation on plasma immersed cylinder by incident EM and electrokinetic wavesMiller 
RL-303�Mar-65 The scattering from acoustically hard and soft prolate spheroids for axial incidenceSenior 
RL-302  Mar-65 Reflection and refraction of a plane electromagnetic wave at the boundary of a semi-infinite moving mediumTai 
RL-301 Mar-65Low frequency solution of electromagnetic scattering problemsKleinman
RL-300  Mar-65 The radiation pattern of electric line current enclosed by an axially slotted plasma sheathOlte 
RL-299 1965The atmospheric pressure pulse generated by a nuclear explosionVanHulsteyn
RL-298  Feb-65 Spectrum signature modeling and data reduction techniques applicable to airborne antennasFerris, Harris, Wolford 
RL-297  Feb-65 On the synthesis problem for an infinite cylinder with an axial slotEinarson, Sleator 
RL-296 Feb-65A Survey of analytical techniques for cross section estimationSenior
RL-295  Feb-65 Application of Conformal Mapping to Scattering and Diffraction ProblemsHong, Goodrich 
RL-294  Jan-65 The backscattering radar cross section of long thin dielectric bodies of revolution on a metal planeUslenghi 
RL-292  Jan-65 Radiation of electric line current through axially slotted plasma sheathOlte 
RL-291  Jan-65 Excitation of electroacoustic waves by an inhomogeneously sheathed spherical radiatorLarson 
RL-290 Dec-64The Rayleigh regionKleinman
RL-289 Dec-64Two boundary value problems involving moving mediaTai
RL-288 See RL-298 
RL-287 Dec-64Teaching electrodynamics without magnetismTai
RL-286�Nov-64 Modification of the scattering behavior of a sphere by reactive loadingLiepa, Senior 
RL-285  Nov-64 Intersystem interference coupling levels of antennas on aerospace vehiclesKalafus, Harris, Lyon 
RL-284 Oct-64Slots in dielectrically loaded waveguideLarson, Powers
RL-283  Oct-64 Huygen�s principle in a moving isotropic homogeneous and linear mediumTai 
RL-282 Oct-64Ferrite loaded antennas for aerospace applicationsLyon, Adams
RL-281 Oct-64On the impedance of a finite slotPlonus
RL-280�Oct-64 Radiation of an elementary cylinder antenna through a slotted enclosureOlte 
RL-279 Oct-64The Dyadic Green�s function for a moving isotropic mediumTai
RL-278  Sep-64 Electrodynamics of moving anisotropic media: The first order theoryTai 
RL-277 Sep-64Diffraction of a dipole field by a conical ringUslenghi
RL-276  Aug-64 Control of the acoustic scattering characteristics of a rigid sphere by surface loadingSenior 
RL-275�Sep-64 A singular integral equation approach to EM fields for circular boundaries with slotsHayashi 
RL-274 Aug-64On a class of integral equationsCastellanos
RL-273 Aug-64Designing foamed-plastic target supportsPlonus, Senior
RL-272 Aug-64Interference coupling factors for pairs of antennasLyon, Simanyi, Heath
RL-271 Aug-64Broadband Antennas Utilizing Ferrets. LyonHerman, Rhee
RL-270 Jul-64Low Frequency Scattering by a Prolate SpheroidKleinman, Asvestas
RL-269 Jul-64A Study of Dielectric Lenses 
RL-268 See RL-284 
RL-267  Jul-64 Modifications of theories on the excitations of electracoustic wavesLarson 
RL-266 Jul-64The Dirichlet Problem for the Helmholtz equationKleinman
RL-265 Jun-64A note on dielectric lensesUslenghi
RL-264 May-64On some theorems of AtkinsonKleinman
RL-263  May-64 Reactive loading of arbitrarily illuminated cylinders to minimize microwave backscatterChen 
RL-262 May-64High frequency backscattering from a coated sphereUslenghi
RL-261  May-64 Electromagnetic Field in a Domain Bounded by Coaxial Circular Cylinders with SlotsHayashi 
RL-260 May-64On some singular integral equationsHayashi
RL-259 Mar-65The Back Scattering Cross Section of a Cone-SphereSenior
RL-258 Mar-64A Neumann series for the Helmholtz equationKleinman
RL-257 Mar-64Minimization of backscattering of a cylinder by double loadingChen
RL-256 Nov-64Nonuniformly spaced linear arrays of unequal width elementsLarson, Ferris
RL-255 Feb-64Single Components Hertz vectorsKleinman
RL-254  Feb-64 Application of conformal mapping to radiation and diffraction of EM wavesHong 
RL-253 Feb-64High frequency scattering from a coated cylinderUslenghi
RL-252  Feb-64 Application of Surface Field Measurements to Radar Cross Section StudiesSenior 
RL-251 Feb-64Reduction of RCS of a cylinder by reactive loadingChen
RL-250 Jan-64FM effect on the radiation pattern of high gain antenna arraysChen
RL-249 Dec-63Surface roughness and tolerances in model scattering experimentsSenior
RL-248 Dec-63Target Recognition and DiscriminationGoodrich
RL-247 Dec-63The indoor scattering rangeKnott
RL-246�Nov-63 The Atmospheric Pressure Wave Generated by a Nuclear ExplosionVanHulsteyn 
RL-245 Nov-63The near field of a styrofoam cylinderSenior, Knott
RL-244 Nov-63Estimates of the volume return for styrofoamSenior, Knott
RL-243 Oct-63Iterative solutions of the scalar wave equationKleinman
RL-242  Oct-63 Future research on applications of plasmas in microwave engineeringOlte 
RL-241 Jul-63Theoretical scattering from plastic formsPlonus
RL-240  Jan-64 The radiation field produces by an infinite slot in an infinite cylinder surrounded by a homogeneous plasma sheathSengupta 
RL-239 Jan-63Notes for talk on plasmas and antennas given at Wright FieldLarson
RL-238 Jun-64Propagation of mechanical disturbances in a stratified lossy mediaChu,LaRue
RL-237 Sep-64The induced current on a cylinder with a central radius loadingChen, Liepa
RL-236  Jul-63 Interaction of a radiation source with a plasma – effect of an electroacoustic waveChen 
RL-235 May-63Refractive indices of aqueous glycine solutions at 2.5�Sandus, Lubitz
RL-234 A mathematical model of the target signature problemRabson
RL-233 Feb-63Generalized pulses and target signaturesGoodrich
RL-232  Jan-63 The input impedance and the radiation pattern for an HF antenna on the POGO Satellite 
RL-231 Dec-62Electron cyclotron resonance isolator 
RL-230 Aug-62Diffraction by a thin elliptic cylinderGoodrich, Kazarinoff
RL-229 Sep-62The effect of fins on the nose-on cross section of a cone sphereSenior, Knott
RL-228 Sep-62Scattering by a SphereSenior, Goodrich
RL-227 Oct-62Wave propagation in a coaxial glow dischargeMiller, Olte
RL-226 Aug-62Lunar exploration ConferenceSenior
RL-225 Jun-62Plane Wave diffraction by a stripKleinman
RL-224 Jul-61Radar echo from ionized wakes behind hypersonic blunt bodiesWeil
RL-223 May-62The upper boundary condition for atmospheric gravity wavesHocking
RL-222  Jun-62 Low Frequency expansions for scattering by separable and non-separable bodiesSenior, Darling 
RL-221Apr-62A Failure of Creeping Wave TheoryKazarinoff, Senior
RL-220 Jun-62Scalar Diffraction by an Oblate SpheroidKazarinoff, Weston, Goodrich
RL-219 Apr-62Kinetic equations for plasmasOsborn
RL-218  1963 Scattering of a plane scalar wave by fundamental surfaces with mixed boundary conditionsUnz, Sleator 
RL-217Mar-62Plasm imbedded antenna characteristicsLarson
RL-216 Mar-62 Bremsstrahlung of slow electrons in neutral gases and free-free absorptionAkcasu, Barasch 
RL-215  Jun-62 Wake of a Charged Prolate Spheroid at Angle of Attack in a Rarefied PlasmaSawchuk 
RL-214  Jun-62 Evolution of an inhomogeneous rarefied plasma and associated high frequency EM radiationRitt 
RL-213 Jan-62A Lunar Theory ReassertedSenior
RL-212 Dec-61 Two Dimensional Diffraction in Homogeneous Anisotropic MediaSamaddar 
RL-211  Jun-62 Interaction of Electromagnetic Waves with a Plasma Surrounding an Infinitely Conducting WedgeShah 
RL-210 1962 Scalar diffraction by elliptic cylinders and prolate spheroids whose eccentricities are almost oneGoodrich, Kazarinoff, Ritt 
RL-209 1962Loop Excitation of Traveling WavesSenior
RL-208 Oct-71 Radio characteristics of lunar surface material(note: date may be incorrect)Siegel 
RL-207 Oct-61 The static potential attained by an infinite cylinder immersed in a moving and low density plasma of infinite extentSengupta 
RL-206 Oct-61 Comments on electrodelese measurements of semiconductor resistivity at microwave frequenciesSandus 
RL-205Sep-61Interaction of High intensity EM field with a low density plasmaChen
RL-204 Sep-61Coaxial Low Density Plasma ExperimentOlte, King, Miller
RL-203 Sep-61Unified Theory of the Nonlinear Oscillations of a Cold PlasmaDolph
RL-202  – Generalized Magnetohydrodynamic Equations for Plasma Systems with Large Internal Currents  
RL-201Aug-61A Note on Impedance Boundary ConditionsSenior
RL-200 Nov-61Relativistic Transport Equations for Plasmas 
RL-199Aug-61Oscillations in a Relativistic PlasmaImre
RL-198Aug-61Sandwich-Wire AntennaChen
RL-197Aug-61Photon transport in dispersive media.Klevans
RL-196 Jul-61Particle and photon transport theory.Osborn
RL-195 Jul-61 Atmospheric waves produced by a large explosion in the atmosphereWeston 
RL-194 Jul-61 Diffraction of a plane wave by a perfectly conducting sphere with a concentric shellPlonus 
RL-193  – The pressure pulse produced by a large explosion in the atmosphere-IIWeston 
RL-192 May-61Nonlinear electrical conductivity of a fully ionized gasChen
RL-191 May-61 Utilization of the superconductive energy gap for the generation of infrared radiationGold 
RL-190 May-61Electrical conductivity of a partially ionized gasSengupta
RL-189May-61Gravity and acoustical wavesWeston
RL-188 May-61Electromagnetic radiation from a cylindrically capped bi-wedge 
RL-187 – Slow wave propagation along the boundary of two coaxially anisotropic mediaSamaddar 
RL-186May-61Natural resonances of magneto-ionic plasmasGold
RL-185 May-61Plasma model view of size effects in superconductorsGold
RL-184  Apr-61 Relativistic thermodynamics of irreversible processes in one component fluid in the presence of electromagnetic fieldsMeixner 
RL-183 Apr-61 Penetration depth of an electromagnetic wave (skin effect) in a plasmaGold 
RL-182 See RL-205  
RL-181�Apr-61 Theory and Design of Coaxial Supporting Bead Mode of Composite DielectricsOwyang 
RL-180 Apr-61 Fabrication of Superconductive components and particular application to electromagneticsGold 
RL-179 Apr-61The Quasi-static radar cross sections of complex bodiesSiegel
RL-178 Apr-61 Radar cross sections of ICBM�s and space vehicles and design of complementary electromagnetic decoysSiegel 
RL-177 Mar-61 Nonlinear theory of optical absorption in metals and semiconductorsGold 
RL-176Jun-61Investigating the ionospheres of other planetsSiegel
RL-175 Mar-61 Summary of methods and results of estimation of the physical constants of the lunar surfaceSiegel 
RL-174 Mar-61 Nonlinear wave motion in a plasma-Application to Ionospheric PropagationGold 
RL-173  Mar-61 Cross modulation line profiles in a cyclotron resonance experimentsGold 
RL-172 Feb-61 Disturbance due to a satellite in a plasma medium and its effect on radar returnChen 
RL-171  Feb-61 Characteristics of the Moon�s surface layer. An analysis of its radio emissionGiraud 
RL-170  Apr-61 Nonlinear oscillations in a cold plasma (Unified theory of the nonlinear oscillations of a cold plasma) 
RL-169 Feb-61 Nature of Carrier Density Effect in the Field-dependent mobility of many-valley semiconductorsGold 
RL-167Feb-61Hot Electron Behavior at High PressuresGold
RL-166 Feb-61 Some Physical Constants of the Lunar Surface as Indicated by its Radar Scattering and Thermal Emission Properties.Senior, Siegel, Giraud 
RL-165   Feb-61  Electromagnetic Parameters of Selected Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Rocks and Glasses  Fensler, Knott, Olte, Siegel, Ahrends, Dunn, Gerhard, Katz, Rosenholtz
RL-164Feb-61THESIS, A Study of Biconical AntennasPlonus
RL-163Feb-61The Future of AntennasAdcock, Siegel, Hiatt
RL-162  Mar-61 Disturbance Due to a Satellite in a Plasma Medium and its Effect on Radar ReturnChen 
RL-161Jan-61Effect of winds on the gravity waveWeston, VanHulsteyn
RL-160 Feb-61 Determination of thermodynamic and electromagnetic constants of the surface of the moonSiegel 
RL-159 – The pressure pulse produced by a large explosion in the atmosphereWeston 
RL-158May-61Relativistic nonlinear theory of plasma oscillationsGold
RL-157 Jan-61Composition of the Moon�s SurfaceFensler
RL-156 (incomplete)On the origin of the Venus Microwave EmissionSiegel
RL-155 Jan-61The plasma sheath on a plane boundaryChen
RL-154Mar-61On the Faraday effect in many-valley semiconductorsGold
RL-153 1960 Comparison between theoretical and experimental radar cross section of aircraftSiegel 
RL-152 see RL-166  
RL-146Nov-60On the natural resonance of a multi-species magnetoionic plasmaGold
RL-144  – Hot electron non-equilibrium carrier distribution in a many-valley semiconductor 
RL-143Nov-61Photon Transport TheoryKlevans, Osborn
RL-141 Sep-61Critical Frequencies in the Stagnation Region in Shock LayerLeite, Hawk
RL-140Sep-60Current state of the art of countermeasuresSiegel
RL-139 Aug-60The Resonance RegionSiegel
RL-138 Aug-60 Backscattering from a conducting cylinder with a surrounding shellPlonus 
RL-137Aug-60Near zone Backscattering from Large SphereWeston
RL-136Aug-60An Introduction to Nonlinear ModelingBelyea
RL-135 Aug-60A Note on Hansen�s Vector Wave FunctionsSenior
RL-134 Jul-60Scalar diffraction by a prolate spheroid at low frequenciesSenior
RL-133 Jul-60An analysis of the thermal radio emission from the moonGiraud
RL-132 Jul-60 Maximum likelihood estimation for generalized power series distribution and its application to truncated binomial distributionPatil 
RL-131  Jul-60 A note on the identity between binomial distribution functions and incomplete beta functionsPatil 
RL-130  Jul-60 State of the Knowledge of the ICBM Midcrouse detection and discriminationSiegel 
RL-129 Jul-60Optical cross correlator applications to radar 
RL-128Jun-60Lenses for warheads decoys and intelligence missionsSiegel 
RL-127 Jun-60Five minute talk on optimum lenses for warheads and decoysSiegel
RL-126 Jun-60Reflecting properties of ionized regionsSiegel
RL-124  Jun-60 Study of surface and growing waves along a plasma column in a cylindrical waveguide with excitation by a magneic ring currentSamaddar 
RL-123  Jun-60 Radiation patterns produced by linear array of half wave dipoles coupled electromagnetically to a two-wire Transmission LineSengupta 
RL-122  Jun-60 On the evaluation of negative binomial distribution function and its application to single-sample attributesPatil 
RL-121May-60Impedance boundary conditions for statistically rough surfacesSenior
RL-120May-60Comments on Lunar Theory and ExperimentsSenior, Siegel
RL-119 May-60 Some remarks on the paper of Bazer and Brown �Diffraction of Scalar Waves by a Circular Aperture.� Heins 
RL-118 May-60 Dielectric Relaxation of Aqueous Glycine Solutions at 3.2 Centimeter WavelengthsSandus, Lubitz 
RL-117 Sep-60On Microwave Bremsstrahlung from a Cool PlasmaBarasch
RL-116  (1955?) Uniqueness of a Solution of Electromagnetic Scattering by a ParaboloidLeichter 
RL-115 Jul-55 The Relationship Between the Reciprocity Theorems of Onsager and Callen-GreenKaplan 
RL-114 Nov-54Effect of Fuctuations in Phase and Amplitude on Integrated SignalKaplan
RL-113  Sep-60 Impedance Boundary Conditions for Imperfectly Conducting SurfacesSenior 
RL-112Apr-60Scattering Pattern of a Spherical SatelliteWeil
RL-110�Apr-60 On the Analytic Continuation of Functions Which Map the Upper Half Plane into ItselfGreenstein 
RL-109�– Distinction Between the Electromagnetic Constants of Tektites and Libyan Desert Glass and their Effect on Lunar Surface TheoryOlte, Siegel 
RL-108Mar-60A Note on the theory of ModelingRitt
RL-107 Sep-60What can be Learned by Radar About Venus and its EnvironmentSiegel
RL-105 Jan-60 On the Structure of the Linearized Equations Governing a Streaming Electron-Ion GasDolph 
RL-104 Jan-60 Scalar Diffraction by Elliptic Cylinders or Prolate Spheroids Whose Eccentricities are Almost OneGoodrich, Kazarinoff, Ritt 
RL-103 Jun-60Limit Criteria for Reduction of Radar Cross Sections of MissilesSiegel, Weil
RL-102Jun-60The Effect of Surface RoughnessHiatt, Senior, Weston
RL-101 Jun-60Scattering Matrix Analysis of an IRBMCrispin, Hiatt
RL-100  Jan-60 Research Effort on Passive Microwave Radiation and Scattering MatricesSiegel 
RL-0991960Theory of Radar Scattering by the MoonSenior, Siegel
RL-098 Nov-59Saving Dollars by Nonlinear Modeling.Siegel
RL-097 Oct-59 Generalized Power Series Distribution and Certain Characterization TheoremsPatil 
RL-096�Nov-59 An Approximation to the Plasma Density Near a Spherical SatelliteDolph 
RL-095 Feb-60 Ineffectiveness of Absorbing Coatings on Conducting Objects Illuminated by Long WavelengthsHiatt, Siegel, Weil 
RL-094 Feb-60 Forward Scattering by Coated Objects Illuminated by Short Wavelength RadarHiatt, Siegel, Weil 
RL-092 Dec-59 On the Change in the Radar Cross Section of a Spherical Satellite Caused by a Plasma SheathDolph, Weil 
RL-091Aug-59Nonlinear Modeling of Maxwell�s EquationsBelyea, Siegel
RL-090Aug-59The Radar Cross Section of a Semi Infinite BodyBrysk
RL-087Jul-59On Toroidal Wave FunctionsWeston
RL-086 Jun-59Fock TheoryGoodrich
RL-085 Jun-59Scalar Diffraction by an Elliptic CylinderRitt, Kazarinoff
RL-084 Jun-59Infinite Integral Transforms in Diffraction TheoryClemmow
RL-083Jun-59Electromagnetic Scattering by High Density Meteor TrailsBrysk
RL-082  Jun-59 Status Report on the Development of a RAM Using Polar MaterialsSandus, Goberdhan, Lubitz 
RL-081Jun-59Pulse Return from a SphereWeston
RL-080  May-59 Transport of Noise at Microwave Frequencies through a Space-Charge-Limited DiodeVivian 
RL-079 Apr-59CRAM (Counters to RAM)Hiatt, Siegel, Weil
RL-078 May-59What Radar can do for youSiegel, Senior, Burdick
RL-0771959Comments on Far Field Scattering from Bodies of RevolutionSiegel
RL-076 May-59Diffraction and ScatteringFelsen, Siegel
RL-075  Feb-59 Outline of Basic Problems and Approach Toward Solution of Countermeasures Against Radar Absorbing Materials 
RL-074 Apr-59Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves by a Corrugated SheetSenior
RL-073 Apr-59 Exploring the Depth of the Surface Layer of the Moon from a Radar Space ObservatoryFensler, Senior, Siegel
RL-072May-59The Nose-on Radar Cross Sections of Finite ConesBrysk, Hiatt, Weston, Siegel
RL-071 Nov-58A Possible Theoretical Explanation of Observed SignalsSiegel, Barasch
RL-070 Sep-58Diffraction by an Imperfectly Conducting WedgeSenior
RL-069  Jan-59 Exploring the Depth of Surface Layers of the Moon and Planets by a Radar Space Observatory 
RL-068 Jul-58 Influence of Radar Reflection Characteristics of the Moon on the Specifications for Earth-Moon-Earth Communication SystemsSenior, Siegel, Weil
RL-067  Jun-58 Variational Solution to the Problem of Scalar Scattering by a Prolate SpheroidSleator 
RL-066Jun-58Generalization of the Dolph-Chebychev MethodSchensted
RL-065 May-58RCS of a Ballistic Missile-II. (MASTER DESTROYED) 
RL-064J May-58RCS of a Ballistic Missile-I. (MASTER DESTROYED) 
RL-064Aug-58Reflection Characteristics of the MoonSenior, Siegel
RL-063 May-58The Currents on Strip AerialsSenior
RL-062 May-58Microwave Absorption by Dipole RelaxationLubitz
RL-061Apr-58Electromagnetic Scattering by Low Density Meteor TrailsBrysk
RL-060 Apr-58 Radiation from Slot Arrays on Cones Goodrich, Kleinman, Maffett, Schensted, Siegel
RL-058Mar-58The Radar Reflection Characteristics of the MoonSenior, Siegel
RL-057 Mar-58 Radiation Characteristics of Slot Arrays on Conical Surfaces Goodrich, Kleinman, Maffett, Schensted, Siegel
RL-056 Jun-58Radio Fades and Reflection from the MoonSiegel
RL-055 �Mar-58  Integral Nose Cone Antennas  Chernin, Shanks, Plummer, Goodrich, Kleinman, Maffett, Schensted, Siegel
RL-054  1958 Radiation Characteristics of Slot Arrays on Conical Surfaces Goodrich, Kleinman, Maffett, Schensted, Siegel, Chernin, Shanks, Plummer
RL-053Apr-58Forward ScatteringRaybin, Senior
RL-052Apr-58Diffraction by an Imperfect Conducting WedgeSenior
RL-051 Apr-58Fock Theory applied to an Infinite ConeGoodrich
RL-050 Apr-58Generalization of the Dolph-Techebyscheff MethodSchensted
RL-049May-58Measurement of Scattering Matrix with an Intervening IonosphereBrysk
RL-048 May-58Increasing the effective dynamic range of a radarSiegel
RL-047 Jun-56Vulnerability of President ICBM Systems to SandSiegel
RL-046 Dec-57 Reflection Characteristics of the MoonSenior,Siegel
RL-045May-58Bistatic radars and forward scatteringSiegel
RL-044�Oct-57 Radiation and Scattering from Simple Shapes-IIGoodrich, Maffett, Reighlinger, Schensted, Siegel
RL-043 Oct-57 Radiation and Scattering from Simple Shapes — I Goodrich, Maffett, Reighlinger, Schensted, Siegel