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Research Areas and Projects

  1. “Assessment of Electronic Beam Scanning Technology for Large Aperture Antennas at W-band,” Sponsor: BAE, PI: K. Sarabandi, 2/06-1/07.
  2. “Development of 200 MHz to 6 GHz Channelizers Using RFIC Technologies,” Sponsor: Lincoln Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 3/06-2/07.
  3. “Phenomenological Study of Millimeter-Wave Technology for Helicopter Assisted Landing System,” PI: K. Sarabandi, Sponsor: DARPA, 2/06-1/07.
  4. “Assisted Aircraft Landing: Modeling and Simulation Millimeter-wave imaging radar response of runway and Airport Environment,” Sponsor: BAE, PI: K. Sarabandi, 2/06-1/07.
  5. “Development of High-Q Tunable MEMS Filters for 3-6 GHz,” Direct Sponsor: USAF, Wyle Laboratories, PI: G. Rebeiz, Co-PI: K. Sarabandi, 2/1/06-1/31/07.
  6. “Tunable Frequency Selective Surface,” Direct Sponsor: Science Applications International Corporation, Prime Sponsor: DoD, PI: K. Sarabandi, 9/1/2005-8/31/2006.
  7. “Reconfigurable compact microwave antenna: a feasibility study,” Sponsor: Science Applications International Corporation, PI: K. Sarabandi, 7/1/2005-9/1/2005.
  8. “CMOS Circuits for 24GHz Receiver,” Subcontract from Purdue, Prime Sponsor: DARPA, PI: K. Sarabandi, 11/01/2004-12/31/2005.
  9. “A Study of Array of Phased Arrays for Large Aperture Synthesis for Deep Space Applications and Rover Based Missions,” Sponsor: JPL, PI: K. Sarabandi, 4/20/2005-9/30/2007.
  10. “Focused situation awareness (FSA) for urban operations,” Sponsor: SAIC/DARPA, PI: K. Sarabandi, 11/1/04-10/31/08.
  11. “Standoff Human Carried Explosive Detection System (SHEDS),” PI: K. Sarabandi, Co-PI: A. Nashashibi, Sponsor: DARPA/TTO, Subcontract from Set Associates, 1/1/05-4/1/07.
  12. “Use of Radar Data for Large-Scale Monitoring of Biomass Change in the Amazon,” PI: K. Sarabandi, Co-PI: L. Pierce, Sponsor: NASA, 5/04-4/07.
  13. “Multifunctional Adaptive Radio, Radar, and Sensors,” Subcontract from Purdue, Sponsor: DARPA, 1/1/2004-30/11/2005, PI: K. Sarabandi.
  14. “Near-Earth Propagation Modeling,” Sponsor: ARL, 10/03-9/07, PI: K. Sarabandi.
  15. “Basic Concept Studies of Large Array Calibration Using In-Orbit Target,” Sponsor: JPL, 11/03-10/05, PI: K. Sarabandi, Co-PI: A. Nashashibi.
  16. “Concept Study of a Quasi-optical Phased Array for 60-GHz Secure Communications System,” Sponsor: Department of Air Force, AFRL, 9/1/03-11/30/03. PI: A. Mortazawi, CO-PI: K. Sarabandi.
  17. “GLORIA — Geostationary/Low-Earth Orbiting Radar Image Acquisition System: A Multi-static GEO/LEO Synthetic Aperture Radar Satellite Constellation for Earth Observation,” Funded by NASA, 3/1/2003-3/1/2004, PI: K. Sarabandi, CO-Is: J. Kellndorfer, L. Pierce, NASA GRS team: G. Ponchak, R. Simons.
  18. “Creation and Maintenance of Radar Clutter Database,” Funded by Army Research Laboratory, 10/1/02-9/30/05, PI: K. Sarabandi, Co-PI: L. Pierce.
  19. “Multi-band Foliage Propagation Measurements,” Funded by U.S. Army CECOM, 8/1/02-7/31/03, PI: K. Sarabandi, Co-Is: M. Casciato, A. Nashashibi, and L. Pierce.
  20. “Sequential Adaptive Multi-modality Target Detection and Classification Using Physics-Based Models,” MURI proposal, Sponsor: DARPA, 9/1/2002-8/31/2007, Co-PIs: A. Yagle, A. Hero, K. Sarabandi, and M. Bownik.
  21. “Ground Microwave Measurements of Snow-covered Terrain in Support of the NASA Cold Land Processes,” Funded by NASA, 9/01-8/02, PI: K. Sarabandi, Co-PI: A. England.
  22. “Collaborative Technology Alliances in Advanced Sensors,” Sponsor: Army Research Laboratory, Industry Leader: Sanders, 9/01-9/08, Co-PIs: F.T. Ulaby, K. Sarabandi, L. Katehi, G. Rebeiz.
  23. “Computational Electromagnetics and Acoustics: Programming Environment and Training,” Sponsor: DoD High Performance Computing and Modernization Office, PI: K. Sarabandi.
  24. “Simulation of Wave Propagation in Foliage,” Sponsor: DARPA, 5/01- 12/03, PI: K. Sarabandi.
  25. “Miniaturized Antennas with Electromagnetic Meta-materials,” Sponsor: DARPA, 7/01-6-05, Co-PIs: J. Halloran (Co-PD), and K. Sarabandi (Co-PD), L. Katehi, N. Kikuchi, J. Volakis, and Harris Corporation.
  26. “Construction of a High PRF Pulsed Ku-Band Radar for Measurements of Sea Surface Slope,” Sponsor: NASA GSFC, 9/00-7/02, PI: K. Sarabandi.
  27. “Wireless Integrated Microsystems,” Sponsor: NSF, 9/00-8/05, 18 Co-Is.
  28. “A Millimeter-wave Scaled Measurement System for Propagation Channel Characterization and a Study of Foliage Penetration,” Sponsor: Army Research Office, 4/00-9/03, PI: K. Sarabandi.
  29. “Foliage-Covered Target Detection at Millimeter-wave Frequencies,” Sponsor: DARPA/ARL, 5/00-9/02, PI: K. Sarabandi
  30. “Nadir Looking Millimeter-wave Measurement of Foliage,” Sponsor: Northrop Grumman Corporation, PI: K. Sarabandi, 10/99-12/99.
  31. “SRTM Calibration and use in Forest Parameters Retrievals,” Sponsor: NASA, 11/99-1/03, PI: K. Sarabandi, Co-I: L. Pierce.
  32. “Small HF/VHF Planar Antennas,” Sponsor: CACI Inc., 7/99-6/00, PI: K. Sarabandi.
  33. “Advanced Physics-based Propagation Models for Channel Characterization in a Wireless Network,” Sponsor: NSF, 11/99-10/02, PI: K. Sarabandi.
  34. “Performance Assessment of Antenna Arrays in a Multi-path Channel,” Sponsor: ARO, 6/99-5/00, PI: K. Sarabandi.
  35. “Compact Reconfigurable HF-UHF Antenna,” Sponsor: Army Research Office, 4/99-4/03, PI: K. Sarabandi.
  36. “Design and Performance Evaluation of Spread Spectrum Millimeter-wave Radar for Automotive Applications,” Sponsor: Mitsubishi Electronics, 1/99-9/02, PI: K. Sarabandi.
  37. “HF-UHF Propagation Prediction Over Rough Terrain,” Sponsor: Army Research Office, 6/98-6/99, PI: K. Sarabandi.
  38. “A New Generation of Antenna Structures Based on Novel Composite Material,” Sponsor: Army Research Office, 5/98-5/99, PI: L.P. Katehi, Co-PI: K. Sarabandi.
  39. “Radar Background Characterization of the SAR Evaluation Site,” Sponsor: U.S. Air Force, subcontract from Group VIII Tech., 6/98-12/98, PI: K. Sarabandi.
  40. “Target Classification and Estimation of Biophysical Parameters using the Correlation Function of the Radar Backscatter,” Sponsor: Joint Research Center of European Commission, PI: K. Sarabandi.
  41. “Development of an Advanced Wireless and Microwave Experimental Facilities,” Sponsor: Hewlett-Packard Company, January 1997, PI: K. Sarabandi.
  42. “Components and Systems for Communications: An Undergraduate Design Laboratory,” Sponsor: National Science Foundation, Submission date: Nov. 1996. Co-PIs: L. Katehi, K. Sarabandi, B. Gilchrist, G. Rebeiz.
  43. “A Novel Millimeter-wave, Low-loss, Electronically Controlled Phase Shifter for Monolithic, Beam-steering Phased Array Antenna Applications,” 8/96-12/96, Sponsor ONR, PI:K. Sarabandi.
  44. “Low Energy Electronic Design for Mobile Platforms,” 9/96-9/01. Sponsor: Army Research Office, Co-PIs: J Coffey, J. East, A. Hero, L. Katehi, S. Lafortune, P. Mazumder, D. Neuhoff, K. Sarabandi, D. Teneketzis, and K. Wasserman.
  45. “ARL Federated Laboratories: MMW Radar Phenomenology,” 1/96-12/95. Sponsor: ARL, PI: F.T. Ulaby, L. Katehi, G. Rebeiz, and K. Sarabandi.
  46. “Lane Detection for Automotive Sensors,” 5/96-5/97, Sponsor: TACOM, Co-PIs: K. Kluge, S. Lakshmanan, and K. Sarabandi.
  47. “Millimeter-wave Radars as Advanced Vehicle Control and Warning Systems: A Feasibility Study,” 5/96-5/98, Sponsor: General Motors, PI: K. Sarabandi, Co-I Adib Nashashibi.
  48. “Evaluation of Radar Techniques for Assessing Snowcover Conditions and their Effect on the Detection of Hard Targets,” 4/95-8/96, Sponsor: Office of Naval Research, PI: K. Sarabandi, Co-I: F.T. Ulaby.
  49. “Digital Topography from SAR Interferometry: Determination of and Correlation for Vegetation Height,” 3/95-3/98. Funded by NASA, PI: K. Sarabandi, CoIs: M.C. Dobson and J.J. van Zyl.
  50. “Development and Construction of a 77 GHz Dual-polarized Planar Antenna Array and Associated Reflector,” 10/95-10/97. Funded by DaimlerBenz Company, Co-PIs: G.M. Rebeiz, K. Sarabandi, and L.P. Katehi.
  51. “Development of SAR Algorithm for Mapping Soil Moisture and Vegetation Biomass,” 10/94-10/97. Funded by NASA, PI: F.T. Ulaby, CoIs: K. Sarabandi and C. Dobson.
  52. “Multi-frequency, Multi-polarization External Calibration of the SIR-C/X-SAR,” 10/93-3/99, funded by JPL, PI: K. Sarabandi, CoI: F.T. Ulaby.
  53. “Construct and Deliver an X-band Bistatic Radar System,” 9/93-5/94, funded by U.S. Army Engineer Waterways, PI: F.T. Ulaby, CoI: K. Sarabandi.
  54. “Retrieval of Soil Moisture and Roughness from the Polarimetric Radar Response,” 5/93-10/96, funded by NASA, PI: K. Sarabandi, CoI: F.T. Ulaby.
  55. “Statistical Behavior of Polarimetric Radar Response of Terrain with Emphasis on the Millimeter-wave Region,” 1/92-1/95, funded by Army Research Office, PI: F.T. Ulaby, CoI: K. Sarabandi.
  56. “Investigation of Polarimetric Radar Response to Soil Moisture and Surface Roughness,” 4/90-4/93, funded by NASA, PI: F.T. Ulaby, CoI: K. Sarabandi.
  57. “Hewlett Packard University Equipment Grants,” June 1993, granted by: HP Company, PI: K. Sarabandi.