CSE staff build and renew bonds at end of year outing

The event was a rare opportunity for CSE staff to gather in person to socialize.
CSE staff at Revel and Roll

CSE staff took a break at the conclusion of a busy, back to “normal” fall term to socialize, catch up, and create new bonds at Revel and Roll Bowling.

After a period of time that saw shutdowns and remote work as a result of the pandemic followed by a new hybrid model of remote and in person work due to a shortage of space, staff were finally able to meet as a group in person. 

For this reason, says Kelly Cormier, Director of Operations at CSE, “bowling made sense. It’s a social activity that allows everyone to meet and talk in a relaxed context. No one is glued to a chair, as at a luncheon, so we were all able to mix and enjoy getting better acquainted.”

Over the period of time since the pandemic began, both the undergraduate advising office and the graduate programs office have grown and recruited new staff. There have been other staff changes as well, and as a result many had not yet met in person.

“It was great to get out as a group and make those connections,” said Diane Crang, a senior admin in the unit. “We’ve got a lot of great people in CSE and it’s so nice to know them in another dimension.”