Radiation Laboratory (RADLAB)

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Time-varying metamaterials

Professor Anthony Grbic is a key member of a new $7.5M Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI) to develop develop magnet-free, non-reciprocal metamaterials that can break the time reversal symmetry of conventional electromagnetic systems. The goal of the project is to develop more efficient and cost-effective ways to transmit and receive electromagnetic waves. It could lead to breakthroughs in areas such as next-generation wireless communication, commercial and military radar systems, imaging, and antenna systems.

Kamal Sarabandi: Faculty Profile

Kamal Sarabandi, Rufus S. Teesdale Professor of Engineering, conducts research in a wide range of topics in the area of applied electromagnetics, including: radar remote sensing; antenna miniaturization; reconfigurable antennas for, and performance assessment of, wireless applications; and radar imaging for collision avoidance, autonomous vehicle control, security, etc.