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Ehsan Afshari

Afshari, Ehsan

Professor, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Research Interests: High frequency circuits and systems for imaging, bio-sensing, and high data rate communication.Web: http://unic.eecs.umich.edu/Email: Phone: 734-763-9305Office: 3241 EECS
Jordan Budhu

Budhu, Jordan

Research FellowLEO Intermittent Lecturer
Research Interests: Applied Electromagnetics and RF CircuitsWeb: http://www.jordanbudhu.com/Email: Phone: (734) 763-3260Office: 3223 EECS
Michelle Chapman

Chapman, Michelle

ECE Research Manager – 3rd floor
Email: Phone: (734) 763-2273Office: 3229 EECS
Anthony England

England, Anthony W

Dean, College of Engineering and Computer Science, U-M DearbornProfessor, Electrical Engineering and Computer ScienceProfessor (courtesy),Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering; Applied Physics
Research Interests: Radiative transfer and microwave radiometry.Web: https://england.engin.umich.eduEmail: Phone: (734) 763-4849Office: 2527A SRB
Julia Falkovitch-Khain

Falkovitch-Khain, Julia

Web Designer
Email: Phone: (734) 647-0197Office: 2228 EECS
Brian Gilchrist

Gilchrist, Brian E.

Director, SPRL/XTRM LabsProfessor, Electrical Engineering and Computer ScienceProfessor (courtesy), Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering, Applied Physics
Research Interests: Plasma electrodynamics and diagnostics; Wireless Technology; Space Systems & TechnologyWeb: https://gilchrist.engin.umich.edu/Email: Phone: (734) 763-6230Office: 2240 EECS
Katherine Godwin

Godwin, Katherine

ECE Administrative Assistant Senior
Anthony Grbic

Grbic, Anthony

Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer ScienceProfessor (courtesy), Applied Physics
Research Interests: Engineered electromagnetic structures (metamaterials, metasurfaces, electromagnetic band-gap materials, frequency selective surfaces), antennas, near-field radiation and localized waves, microwave circuits, plasmonics, optics, wireless power transmission systems, and analytical modeling in electromagnetics/optics.Web: https://grbic.engin.umich.edu/Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch/?v=P9NhSSFEqhAEmail: Phone: (734) 647-1797Office: 3238 EECS
Mani Kashanianfard

Kashanianfard, Mani

Research Fellow
Email: Phone: (734) 764-0342Office: 3216 EECS
Mark Kushner

Kushner, Mark J.

George I. Haddad Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer ScienceProfessor, Electrical Engineering and Computer ScienceProfessor (courtesy), Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences; Chemical Engineering; Applied Physics
Research Interests: Computational plasma science and engineering with applications to materials processing, microelectronics, photonics and lasers, biotechnology and medicine, and environment.Web: https://kushner.engin.umich.edu/Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qDtkYCLcYAEmail: Phone: (734) 647-1695Office: 2236 EECS
Valdis Liepa

Liepa, Valdis V.

Research Scientist Emeritus
Email: Phone: (734) 647-1792Office: 3225 EECS
Eric Michielssen

Michielssen, Eric

Associate Dean for Research, College of EngineeringLouise Ganiard Johnson Professor of EngineeringProfessor, Electrical Engineering and Computer ScienceAssociate Vice President, Advanced Research Computing
Research Interests: Computational, Applied, and Theoretical Electromagnetics; Antennas; Microwave and millimeter wave circuits and packaging.Web: https://michielssen.engin.umich.edu/Email: Phone: (734) 647-1793Office: 3240 EECS
Amir Mortazawi

Mortazawi, Amir

Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Research Interests: RF and microwave circuits including: microwave and millimeter-wave power amplifiers, spatial power combining and thin film ferroelectric based frequency agile circuits.Web: https://mortazawi.engin.umich.edu/Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch/?v=94apQSomtu0Email: Phone: (734) 936-2597Office: 3242 EECS
Adib Nashashibi

Nashashibi, Adib Y.

Associate Research ScientistIntermittent LEO Lecturer
Research Interests: Microwave and millimeter-wave remote sensing, antennas, radar technology, wave propagation.Web: https://radlab.engin.umich.edu/people/faculty/adib-nashashibi/Email: Phone: (734) 764-1091Office: 3227 EECS
Kim Novak

Novak, Kim

Administrative Assistant Inter
Email: Phone: (734) 936-1340Office: 3226 EECS
Leland Pierce

Pierce, Leland E.

Associate Research ScientistLEO Lecturer 1
Research Interests: Development of image processing techniques for radar remote sensing, Scattering models for natural targetsWeb: https://radlab.engin.umich.edu/people/faculty/leland-pierce/Email: Phone: (734) 763-3157Office: 3237 EECS
Christopher Ruf

Ruf, Christopher S.

Professor, Climate and Space Sciences and EngineeringProfessor (courtesy), Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Research Interests: Earth environmental remote sensing; satellitemicrowave sensor design and development, atmospheric propagation andradiation, oceanic processesWeb: https://clasp.engin.umich.edu/people/chris-ruf/Email: Phone: (734) 764-6561Office: 1533 Space Research Bldg
Kamal Sarabandi

Sarabandi, Kamal

Rufus S. Teesdale Professor of Engineering; Director, Radiation LaboratoryProfessor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Research Interests: Microwave and millimeter wave radar technology; Geoscience and remote sensing; Antennas and wave propagation; Metamaterials.Web: https://radlab.engin.umich.edu/people/faculty/kamal-sarabandi/Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CY2wTTVb-FUEmail: Phone: (734) 936-1575Office: 3228B EECS
Leung Tsang

Tsang, Leung

Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Research Interests: Wave propagation, random media, rough surfaces, electromagnetic theory and computational electromagnetics with applications in environmental remote sensing, signal integrity, electromagnetic compatibility, and photonic crystals.Web: http://web.eecs.umich.edu/~leutsang/Email: Phone: 734-764-7651Office: 3244 EECS
Fawwaz Ulaby

Ulaby, Fawwaz T.

Emmett Leith Distinguished University Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Arthur F. Thurnau ProfessorProfessor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Research Interests: Microwave and millimeter wave remote sensing, radar systems, radio wave propagation.Web: https://radlab.engin.umich.edu/people/faculty/fawwaz-ulaby/Email: Phone: (734) 647-1789Office: 3228A EECS